Thursday, January 16, 2014

Beverly Osu blames Nigerians for her break up with Angelo

Beverly Osu's Christmas card

In a recent interview with Hip Hop World, former BBA Nigerian rep, Beverly Osu blamed Nigerians for the end of her relationship with former BBA housemate, Angelo. She also talked about how she has been receiving insults in relation with to her Christmas card (pictured above).

What's up with you and Angelo now?

We have broken up. Is it not Nigerians that caused it?

How did Nigerians cause it?

Today, one paper will say Beverly is with this man, tomorrow another paper will say another thing, I don't know.

How would you react to the criticism that trailed the sexual picture you used on your Christmas card?

Apparently, that picture was taken two years ago. I had deleted it from my page but later put it back on my own Instagram page, and people started insulting their forefathers thinking that they are insulting me and I was just laughing. Are they the ones that paid for my photo shoot? Everybody has their own way of celebrating Christmas and that is my own way so I don't understand how my own will be affecting someone's soul. Anyway let them continue talking.

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