Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm afraid I might still die after my successful surgery - OJB + Why other wives couldn’t donate their kidneys + Photos from his Thanksgiving

OJB Jezreel and his family had a family thanksgiving yesterday in church where they thanked God for sparing his life. Two of his wives also explained why they could not donate their kidney, allowing the first wife donate her kidney to save OJB.

Second wife Mrs. June Okungbowa said; "Going through the process is scary but words cannot express how thankful we are to God for the final result".

Third wife Mrs. Korede Okungbowa said; "I just had a baby when the issue came up so it wasn't possible for me to have done another surgery, if I had the chance to, I would have donated my kidney without thinking about it, he is my husband. We are here to thank God for the success of everything".

OJB in an interview at the thanksgiving revealed that he is afraid he might still die after my successful surgery.

"The only thing I will tell is it is understandable and normal to be afraid. I think the real tension starts when you are trying to prove that you aren't afraid but, you are! I'm afraid, I mean I am afraid of dying even as I've come out of this. At least, I've seen people come out of this and still die so, I'm afraid! I wouldn't lie to myself but I'm afraid so I do everything with consciousness but at the same time, I believed that with God everything is possible,"

Why I cried inside the church
It got to a point where I thought I might not make it out alive (during the surgery) and that was why I cried inside church. On the surgery table, three to four times they had to try and revive me. After the surgery, the same thing happened twice again. So, for being here today is enough for me to be happy. That joy means a lot to me than any other thing.

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  1. OJB, u'll not die but live to declare d works of God in d land of d living. Steak to your donour o,


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