Thursday, January 16, 2014

LET'S TALK: Anti-Gay Law: Are You For or Against?

Anti Gay

Since president Jonathan signed the Anti-Gay bill into law it has being trailed with mixed reactions from different people, groups and country.

Some groups have come out to condemn the new law, United States has criticized Nigeria saying the move would curtail basic human rights. British Foreign Secretary expressed disappointment saying that President Jonathan has given his assent to a Bill which will further criminalise same sex relationships in Nigeria.

The signed bill says the gays, lesbians in Nigeria will risk a 14-year jail term if they do not retrace their steps and renounce such marriage.

The president spokesman, Reuben Abati said Jonathan signed the law because he considered it consistent with most Nigerians' views toward homosexuality.

What's your take on this matter. Do you think the new law restricts the freedom of Nigerians' to express themselves, Do you support the anti-gay law or you oppose it. Share your thoughts.


  1. let the law stand!

  2. i support anti-gay rights

  3. Gods strent z wt we seek fr our president oooo


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