Monday, March 17, 2014

Charlyboy's Biker dies at CPC rally while pulling bike stunt

Mr. Charles Oputa alias Charlyboy

Two bikers purportedly invited by Mr. Charles Oputa, alias Charlyboy or AreaFada, to join a Consumer Protection Council (CPC) rally organised in Abuja yesterday had a head-on collision, resulting in the death of one of the bikers. The other was in critical condition as at the time of filing this report.

Charlyboy, who is an ambassador of the CPC appears in almost all their major events within and outside the FCT, and like every other event, his star bikers will not let him ride without accompanying him for almost every celebration.

Although, the AreaFada's instinct appeared to be talking to him when he instructed the bikers before take-off, to take it easy with their stunts, they did not heed his instructions as they pulled off dangerous stunts on their bike.

The bikers were wheeling around the Federal Secretariat, when the collusion occurred. A biker identified as Sam died in the accident while the second biker, Acido, is still battling with multiple injuries in a hospital.

The incident, according to eyewitness brought the entire rally to a halt.

Charlyboy who spoke with LEADERSHIP Weekend regretted the incident, saying: "I have never seen a thing like that, and I'm obviously down at the moment. I had earlier told these guys to take it easy, but they wouldn't listen, until they had a terrible head-on collision. I saw the two bikers and their bikes flying in the air before landing. Everyone was shocked. It's unfortunate that we had to lose one of the bikers today. The other one also had multiple injuries, including broken legs and shoulders."

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