Tuesday, April 15, 2014

National Assembly evacuated over bomb scare

National Assembly

Barely 24 hours after the Nyanya bomb blast, there was pandemonium today at the National Assembly as staff abandoned their duty posts as early as 1.30pm to avoid being killed by a bomb allegedly planted in the complex.

The commercial banks operating within the complex closed shop at about 1.pm claiming that there was an order that they should vacate the complex.

The bomb scare story started making the round at about 11am that there was a bomb planted in the complex and an order from an unidentified source said that all commercial food vendors should vacate the complex immediately.

By 2:30pm all staff of NASS had left the complex.

But a senior security aide to the Clerk of the House of Representatives, who spoke under the condition of anonymity told the Vanguard that "there was no instruction to that effect that they should vacate the complex".

"It is all rumour and you know our staff here how they behave, they just want to go home, it is unfortunate".

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