Saturday, May 31, 2014

2014 World Cup: Nigeria's final 23-man squad to be announced on deadline day

Nigeria's coach Stephen Keshi has said he already knows his final 23- man squad for the World Cup but would wait till June 2 before unveiling the list.

"I have an idea of those who will go with us to Brazil but we will still wait till the last minute before we announce the list," Keshi was quoted as saying by the team's media officer Ben Alaiya after work out at the Philadelphia Eagles Stadium.

Keshi has chosen to wait till Fifa deadline day to name his final squad in order to watch for any drop in form and injuries.

Meanwhile Arsenal's coach Arsene Wenger has tipped Nigeria to reach the knock out stages due to the team's unity after watching the Super Eagles drew 2-2 with Scotland in an international friendly in London on Wednesday with Uche Nwofor and Michael Uchebo scoring for the African champions after they fell behind twice.

"[Nigeria] seem to have a really good team spirit, which is not always easy for African teams," Wenger wrote in his Eurosport World Cup preview.

"They have less star players. They have a real team, and it's been a while since that happened for them."

2014 World Cup: Check out Spain's final World Cup squad

Spain have announced their 23-man squad which will travel to Brazil for the World Cup. See full list below...

Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas, Pepe Reina, David de Gea

Defenders : Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, Raul Albiol, Javi Martinez, Jordi Alba, Cesar Azpilicueta, Juanfran Torres

Midfielders: Koke, Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquets, Cesc Fabregas, Santi Cazorla, Pedro Rodriguez, Juan Mata, David Silva

Strikers: Fernando Torres, David Villa, Diego Costa

Spain face Chile, the Netherlands and Australia in World Cup Group B as they bid to defend the World Cup title they won four years ago in South Africa.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Father, sons and 11 others gang-rape two teenagers in Malaysia

Malaysian police have arrested at least 13 people aged from 15 to 38, including a father and his two sons, over the alleged gang-rape of two teenage girls and are looking for "a few more" in connection with the gang-rape.

The girls — aged 15 and 17 — were raped on May 20 for hours by a group of men in an abandoned hut in the northern state of Kelantan, Lai Yong Heng, the state's director of crime investigation, said.

Lai dismissed early reports that almost 40 people took turns in the rape, saying it was fewer but that some raped the girls more than once.

"It's definitely more than 10. We are still investigating," he told AFP.

All those detained are from the same village, where the assault took place, and some are related, Lai said. Most of them were believed to have been on drugs, and the girls were lured to the hut.

Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari have not broken up

Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke

Contrary to the rumor that has gone viral, Nollywood actor Jim Iyke and his Ghollywood sweetheart Nadia Buari have not broken up, Jim Iyke's manager Mitch Ngaman has revealed.

According to Mitch the couple had just a little misunderstanding.

"I can assure you that whatever you may have heard regarding the 'misunderstanding' between Jim and Nadia is pure assumption. However, it is normal for lovers to disagree with each other occasionally or they wouldn't be human beings."

He further described the rumour as false and the handiwork of the lovers' detractors.

"We are aware of the false rumour about Jim and Nadia's breakup and decided to ignore it because it is baseless. Jim and Nadia have not broken up, as claimed by Emma.

That guy is a frustrated musician. All he does is to meddle in other people's business. And if he does not have his way, he goes into a tantrum and fabricates stories .We will act when we deem fit. He can keep on ranting for now," he said.

Man flogs 16-year-old son to death in Lagos

The Lagos State Police command has arrested a father, identified simply as Benson, for allegedly flogging his son to death with a belt.

It was gathered that Benson, an indigene of Ishan in Edo State, allegedly beat up Bright, his 16-year-old son, to death after the teenager was accused of stealing N1,200.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Benson, who had divorced his wife, was living on Olanrewaju Street, Oregun, Ikeja, with his two sons – Bright and Samuel, 14 years – when the incident happened.

Samuel told Punch correspondent that on Sunday evening, his father beat up his elder brother in anger because of the accusation against him. He added that Bright had been ill before the beating.

He said, "Bright has been sick for some days before that Sunday. Initially in the morning, Dad was looking for Bright, but could not find him. Later in the evening, Bright showed up with some boys on our street who told our father that Bright had stolen N1,200 from them.

"Truly, dad found the money in his pocket, but I think he stole it because he was hungry that day.

"My father was very angry on discovering the money in Bright's pocket. He returned the money to the owners, and after they left, tied Bright's hands with a rope. He then began to beat him with the iron end of his belt."

Samuel noted that his father, who suffered from partial blindness, must have unintentionally hit Bright, who was still battling with a sickness, in the wrong place.

"I think it was the anger that made my daddy to make that mistake. The reason is because as soon as he did not hear Bright's cries again, dad stopped beating him, carried him on his shoulders and rushed him to a private hospital near our house. But he was said to be dead when we got to the hospital," he added.

However, Benson's neighbours told Punch correspondent that the man, despite his eyes' problem, had the habit of beating his children with any object.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Bright's remains had been deposited at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital Ikeja mortuary for autopsy.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, confirmed that the case was under investigation at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba.

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships are definitely risky but because long distance relationships are difficult, doesn't mean they're impossible. Simple adjustments to your attitude and lifestyle can help you keep your loved one in your life.

1 Communicate in some way every day, more than once if possible.

Since you won't be seeing each other, it's important to establish and maintain an emotional connection. These don't always have to be long, in-depth conversations. E-mail is great, so make sure you use it, especially if long-distance phone calls put a strain on your budget.

2 Visit often.

Try to make the time to visit each other as often as possible or as often as your budget permits. A relationship cannot thrive if the only thing you have is the phone call. You need to see each other in person at every opportunity. Visit on a regular schedule if you can; if you can't, make plans for the next visit as soon as each one ends.

3 Get to know each other.

Just like an proximal relationship you'll have to spend some time really getting to know and understand your partner. When talking to your partner, take note of things they enjoy the most (hobbies, day-to-day activities, etc.), and do a little research on it so you have more to do when you see them next. Knowing each other's preferences will also help when you want to exchange gifts.

4 Create trust.

Just as with traditional relationships, trust is incredibly important. Avoid temptations. Try your best to be faithful, lest you destroy the trust on which your relationship relies. Avoid putting yourself in situations where you would be tempted, and let your partner know that there's nothing to worry about. *Don't too anxious or jealous if you don't always know what they are doing. A little space is harmless and will definitely keep things calm.

5 Do things together.

Defy the distance. This will make the distance between you seem smaller and more bridgeable. You'll feel closer together and you'll be bonding at the same time. Read the same book or article. You can even take turns reading it aloud to each other. Watch a TV show or movie simultaneously.

6 Understand what you have.

Ask the important questions right away to make sure you are both clear on the nature of the relationship. Naming your relationship (dating, seeing each other, boyfriend-girlfriend engaged) as well as defining exclusivity (limited to one person) can be difficult and awkward questions to ask, but will save you great heartache and misunderstanding down the line. Stating your end goals and expectations will allow you both to work together to build the relationship you want.

7 Talk about your future together.

Assuming that ultimately you'd want to live together, discussing how you're going to get to that point will help you prove to each other that the relationship is going somewhere and that your efforts and frustrations are not in vain.

8 Stop listening to the haters.

Question advice from people who have never been in a long distance relationship themselves. This may only cause doubt. Everyone has a unique experience of life and their doubts do not dictate your future.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Renowned poet and author Maya Angelou dies at 86

Maya Angelou

Poet, author and activist Maya Angelou has died at the age of 86.

Maya who made her name with the 1969 memoir I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, passed away quietly at her home in North Carolina on Wednesday morning.

Maya Angelou has received more than 30 honorary degrees from universities around the world. She published 7 autobiographies, 3 books of essays, and several books of poetry, and is credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning more than 50 years.

May her soul rest in peace, Amen.

Cameroon deploys troops to its border with Nigeria to tackle Boko Haram

Cameroon has deployed about 1,000 troops, and dozens of armoured vehicles to its border with Nigeria, as a way of helping to stem activities of the Boko Haram Islamist sect around north-eastern Nigeria.

According to spokesman of the Cameroonian Ministry of Defence, Lieutenant Colonel Didier Badjeck, the troops "will help to carry out reconnaissance, and be ready to respond with enough fire power."

Nigeria's leaky borders with its neighbouring countries has always been identified as one of its major weaknesses in combating terrorism, as the Boko Haram's foot soldiers have previously launched attacks, only to flee into Cameroon for cover.

The Cameroonian President, Paul Biya was unwilling to get involved in Boko Haram's battle with Nigeria, but he changed his stance during the recent regional security summit in Paris, which was attended by all of Nigeria's neighbours that share the common border.

Gunmen rape 20 girls of Benue University

Gunmen suspected to be cult members, on Sunday, invaded the female hostel of Benue State University, Makurdi, rapping no fewer than 20 female students.

It was gathered that the gang members stormed the Technical Block of the female hostel about 10.00pm, beating and raping the girls, before carting away their valuables.

That armed men successfully carried out the operation without interference by the university security operatives.

It would be recalled that a female student of the university was raped about a week ago by a group of young men numbering four, when she was returning from where she had gone to read around 9.00 pm.

Following the developments, female students of the university, on Tuesday, marched in protest to the office of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Charity Angya, insisting they needed an explanation on why the attacks were directed at them.

The Vice Chancellor, who assured on security beef-up, also followed the protesting students into their hostel, while about seven students who were wounded in the last attack were said to have been taken to the school clinic for treatment.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How To Identify A Suicide Bomber

Suicide Bombers

Police Force PRO, Frank Mba has stated easy ways Nigerians can identify a suicide bomber if they spot one. He described the way they move, their reactions, how they try to avoid eye contacts with people around and lots more. Read below..

Characteristics of a potential suicide bomber

There is no specific profile for anyone who engages himself in suicide bombing. A suicide bomber can come from nearly every cultural background, religion, race, creed or gender. However, the following are common characteristics of a potential suicide bomber. Continue below...

Through his behaviour

He behaves in a way similar to someone with no future.

His mental state could present clues – his eyes are secretive, he makes obvious attempt to avoid eye contact with the people he perceived to be his enemies and always looking at every possible exit.

Mumbling prayers – may be fervently praying to himself, showing the impression of whispering to someone else.

He shows no response to any authoritative voice, command or instruction.

Through his appearance

He wears clothes that are unsuitable for the present-day weather. For instance, wearing of sweater or rain-coat during hot weather.

He wears slack or puffy clothes. This gives the impression that his body is excessively larger than his head or feet.

Sweating – resulting from tension and stress or wearing of unsuitable clothes. For instance, wearing a heavy coat during high weather temperature.

He appears to be focused and more vigilant on his target.

He will usually have his hands placed in the pocket, around the button of the detonator and ready to set off the bomb at the slightest opportunity.

He carries big bags or backpacks tightly with wires piercing out of the bag.

He may most likely have a clean shave or low hair-cut especially when he is ready to carry out the task. This may be done to disguise his real appearance.

He displays signs of drug use. For instance, his pupils become enlarged with fixed staring.

His breathings are heavy and rapid.

Mostly male who falls between the age range of 16 to 30 years of age.

He looks aggressive, restless, irritable and nervous.

Through his movement

He walks awkwardly or clumsily in an unusual and odd manner. This is usually due to the unsuitable attire he is wearing and sometimes due to the weight of the explosive devices tied around his body.

He tries to be evasive in movement. This unusual gait is adopted to evade security agents and some other persons who may foil his plans.

Often times, he may not know the route to his target destination very well, hence he may occasionally ask for directions. One of the suicide bombers that struck at a church in Kaduna in late 2013 had to ask commercial motorcyclists for direction to the church he eventually struck.

Through his kind of person/other features

He tries to blend into a group which he clearly does not belong to. For instance, he tries to attend Church worship services even as a non-Christian with clear intention to carry out surveillance and identify vulnerable areas before attack.

He demonstrates forceful actions in order to reach his desired target by pushing the crowd so as to find his way into a restricted area or showing desperations to reach a crowded point or particular target.

He will usually have an unusual herbal smell. This is as a result of incense used in the final rituals performed on him as he takes off for the suicide mission.

Teacher who raped 3 under-aged schoolgirls says one of them made passes at him

Olayinka Folarin

A 38-year-old primary school teacher, identified as Olayinka Folarin (pictured above) who was arrested yesterday for raping three minors says it's not his fault because one of the minors made passes at him.

"One of them made advances at me. You know how children play with you in a funny way. This thing is beyond me." he said

Mr Folarin who took this young school girls whose ages were put between 10 and 11 years to the school toilet where he sexually molested them, has been arrested before for molesting children. He said he believes he is under some demonic attack that pushes him to commit the act and so he shouldn't be judged.

"I have been doing this for a long time. I feel terribly bad each time I did it but I could not stop it. Why don't you find a way of helping me. Is this meant to expose me? Some people should just think and reason with me. The person who has not sinned before should cast the first stone. If God did not forsake some people, I know he would not forsake me. I am a changed person now."

On how he carried out his evil act, Folarin said he would invite the little girls into the toilet, place them on the wash hand basin, lubricate their vagina with his hair cream, fondle them but says he never penetrated them with his manhood, a claim the police is refuting because medical examination on the little girls show their hymen was not intact.

"I never penetrated them. I only used my manhood to rub their private parts. Yes, I used my hair cream to lubricate my organ to stimulate myself.".

Oyo state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Olabisi Okuwobi‑Ilobanafor while confirming the incident said:

"The suspect had engaged in multiple defilement and all the victims said the same thing that he always abused them twice a week since last year. The third girl was lured by the suspect to cover his illicit affairs. The third girl he abused saw a note he wrote to one of the two girls when she was sweeping the floor and asked what was happening. The teacher then collected the paper; for fear of being exposed, he recruited her into the group" she said

Due to the seriousness of his crime, Folarin would be transferred to the state Police headquarters where further investigations would be carried out.

Photo: Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton's bare butt on display

Kate Middleton's bare butt on display

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William were on a tour recently in Australia when accidently a gust of wind raised her dress revealing her bare butt. This photo was published today by a German newspaper - Bild.

We have located abducted schoolgirls but we can’t rescue them now - Military

Chief of Defence Staff Air Marshal, Alex Badeh

The Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, has revealed that the military has located where the over 200 schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram on April 14 were being held but cannot rescue them immediately because they cannot use force so as to save their lives.

Badeh, who received members of the Citizens Initiative for Security Awareness outside the Defence Headquarters in Abuja on Monday, assured that the military had the capacity to bring back the girls alive and therefore advised that it should be allowed to do its work.

He said, "We want our girls back; our military can do it, but where they are held, we cannot go with force.

"If we go with force, what will happen? they will kill them . So nobody should come and say the Nigerian military does not know what it is doing. We know what we are doing; we can't go and kill our girls in the name of trying to get them back. So we are working.

"The good news for the girls is that we know where they are but we cannot tell you military secrets here. Just leave us alone; we are working and we will get the girls back."

When asked by journalists to expatiate on what he meant "that 'the military would not use force'' to free the girls, the CDS replied, "That would be telling you our secrets and our strategy. We cannot discuss our strategy in the open."

Women disarm Boko Haram insurgents in Borno

Residents of Attagara and Kawuri villages in Gwoza and Bama local government areas of Borno State, respectively, repelled attacks on their community by suspected Boko Haram insurgents.

A resident said the attackers invaded the village yesterday on motorcycles but met some women, adding "they wanted to hit the women with sticks but when they raised the sticks, their hands refused to descend.

"Three of the insurgents fled, but seven were not lucky as the women alerted the people," and the vigilante group in the community rushed to the scene, disarmed the seven insurgents, who were later lynched.

Also, scores of gunmen suspected to be members of Boko Haram were killed yesterday through the combined efforts of members of the vigilante youths, otherwise known as Civilian JTF, and the military in Kawuri village, Bama Local Government Area of Borno State.

Twenty years old Mallam Mamman Yakubu, a vigilante youth that participated in repelling the insurgents, said: "We were able to kill many of the terrorists who invaded our community yesterday night."

On whether arrests were made, Yakubu said they were not interested in any arrests because Boko Haram members hardly reveal any secret when arrested.

A top security source, who confirmed the incident, told Vanguard that three dead bodies of the terrorists were recovered yesterday morning in Kawuri, adding that more of the terrorists were killed in a nearby bush of Kawuri when they attempted to flee to the Sambisa Forest.

Source: Vanguard

Monday, May 26, 2014

Ini Edo launches own bakery

Nollywood actress, Ini Edo has launched her own bakery business. The actress who took to Instagram to announce her pastry outlet said its a realization of her love for anything baked.

Teacher arrested for raping 3 under-aged students

A primary school teacher, identified as Olayinka Folarin, has been arrested by the Oyo State Police Command for allegedly defiling three under-aged primary school girls, including two orphans, who live in an orphanage, His Heritage Home.

The incident happened at a private school in Oluyole Estate, Ibadan. The victims whose ages were put between 10 and 11 years were said to have been serially abused by the teacher.

According to one of the rape victims, the teacher, who has four children, had been having sex with them since 2013 on a weekly basis.

The girls, it was gathered, were being abused inside the school toilet without the knowledge of the school management.

Though, the suspect had allegedly threatened to kill any of the girls who spoke out, but his shady deal was exposed when one of the girls was seen crying after another round of illicit sex with the teacher.

The wailing of the girl prompted some male students to ask what happened to her. She then confided in them that Folarin had just finished raping her.

In a bid to get him red-handed, the boys reportedly told her to let them know when next their teacher wanted to take advantage of them. The boys advised the girls to tell their guardian, Mrs Temilolu Morounkeji, who runs the home for orphans and vulnerable children after school hours.

It was the woman and one Pastor Marcus Williams, a member of the Child Protection Network that informed the Police, who later arrested the teacher.

A medical check was carried out on the victims at the Adeoyo state hospital by one Dr Ariwoola and his report read: "Semen was seen around the victims vulva. Hymen was not intact."

Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer, Mrs Olabisi Ilobanafor, described same as "pathetic."

"This was happening in a school and it has been happening for months undetected. The teacher has been sleeping with the victims in the school toilet. He has been sleeping with the girls every week since last year. When the matter was reported to us, the Police went into the matter and our investigation revealed that he has a gel used in lubricating the girls. The gel has been recovered from where he kept it in the school premises. He has been arrested and he will be charged to court."

She explained further that the police will also investigate if there were other girls who had the same experience, saying: "He even threatened to kill them and one of the girls said she was afraid of what the suspect would use in killing her whether physical or spiritual."

Wiz Khalifa arrested for possession of marijuana, shares jail photos

Wiz Khalifa was arrested early Sunday morning at an airport in Texas after marijuana was found during a TSA check.

The "Black and Yellow" rapper was flying from El Paso to Dallas when TSA officials discovered the green stuff and took him into custody. He was later turned over to local police.

The rapper, who is normally very active on Twitter, shared a selfie with caption 'Free Trap Wiz'. which has quickly landed itself hashtag status thanks to his devoted fans objecting to their idol being locked up.

He then updated his fans with more news from the inside, tweeting that 'They're tryna figure out how many grams I had,' and adding, 'How ironic.'

The rapper was released only a few hours later, and posted a Twitter photo of himself boarding a private jet, captioning it "Y'all freed me".

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Governor Akpabio seeks N200M annual salary, lifetime life of luxury after leaving office

Governor Godswill Akpabio

Barely a year to his exit from office, Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State has initiated a law to enable him pocket a whooping N200 million in annual pay after his tenure expires.

Mr. Akpabio is also demanding other benefits including a new house, brand new cars, furniture and luxurious living for the rest of his life.

The controversial law is known as Akwa Ibom State Governors and Deputy Governors Pension Bill 2014.

According to the bill, the beneficiaries must have held office as a democratically elected governor or deputy governor of former Cross River State or as democratically elected governor or deputy governor of the state.

It stated that the person upon ceasing to hold the said office, shall be entitled to "Pension for life at a rate equivalent to the salary of the incumbent governor or deputy governor respectively.

"A new official car and a utility vehicle once in every four years, one personal aide and the provision of adequate security for his person during his lifetime at the expense of government;

"Provision of funds to employ a cook, chauffeurs and security guards for the governor at a sum not exceeding N5m (or the equivalent of$50,000) per month and N2m per month for the deputy governor;

"Provision of free medical services for his person and spouse at a sum not exceeding N100m per annum for the governor and N30m per annum for the deputy governor.

"Provision of a befitting house not below a five-bedroom maisonette in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja or Akwa Ibom State for the governor and a yearly accommodation allowance of 300 per cent of annual basic salary for the deputy governor."

The bill also provided for "furniture allowance of 300 per cent of annual basic salary once in every four years;

"Provision of yearly maintenance and fuelling of vehicle allowance of 300 per cent of annual basic salary;

"Provision of severance gratuity of 300 per cent of annual basic salary as at the time the officer leaves office; Others are,

"Yearly utility allowance of 100 per cent of annual basic salary; and "Provision of entertainment allowance of 100 per cent of annual basic salary."

It added that when the beneficiary dies, the state shall bear all costs of his burial arrangement; pay a condolence allowance of a sum equivalent to the annual basic salary of the incumbent to his next of kin.

The bill stated that one surviving spouse shall be provided with medical allowance not exceeding N12m per annum, provided that such spouse was married to the governor at the time he or she was in office.

The bill also stated that the provisions of the law shall not apply to a former governor or former deputy governor who resigned his office unless such resignation was on health grounds or was removed from office by impeachment or had not held office for a period of three years or more, among others.

Tupac's last words revealed by cop on the murder scene

Tupac Shakur

18 years after being mysteriously gunned down in cold blood, we finally know the last words uttered by rapper Tupac Shakur - 'Fuck you.'

This was revealed by a former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer, Chris Carroll, who worked as a bicycle cop at the time of Pac's death and was the first to respond to the shooting involving Shakur and his entourage on Sept. 7, 1996.

Shakur was a front passenger in Death Row Records founder Suge Knight's BMW when several occupants pulled up in a white Cadillac and one opened fire at an intersection.

According to Carroll, "I immediately notice that the guy's got a ton of gold on-a necklace and other jewellery - and all of the gold is covered in blood. That has always left an image in my mind."

"I kept asking over and over, 'Who did this? Who shot you?' And he basically kept ignoring me.

"And then I saw in his face, in his movements, all of a sudden in the snap of a finger, he changed. And he went from struggling to speak, being noncooperative, to an "I'm at peace" type of thing. Just like that."

He added: "He went from fighting to 'I can't do it.' And when he made that transition, he looked at me, and he's looking right in my eyes. And that's when I looked at him and said one more time, 'Who shot you?'

"He looked at me and he took a breath to get the words out, and he opened his mouth, and I thought I was actually going to get some cooperation. And then the words came out: 'Fuck you.'

"After that, he started gurgling and slipping out of consciousness. At that point, an ambulance showed up, and he went into unconsciousness."

Shakur was taken to hospital where he was put on a life-support machine and then died six days later at the age of 25.

Tupac really did take his vicious disdain for authority to the grave. His murder remains unsolved.

Suicide bomber dies in failed Jos attack

An attempt by a suicide bomber to kill football fans in Jos at a viewing centre while they were watching the match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, was unsuccessful as the bomber could not get there before his car exploded and killed him.

A source close to the scene told PUNCH correspondent that, “The suicide bomber wanted to attack a viewing centre where Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid fans were watching the UEFA Champion League final.”

It was gathered that the bomb exploded near a residence injuring the owner of the house and.his son.

The bomber and two others died inthe blast.

Friday, May 23, 2014

I rather commit suicide than accept foreign help - Uganda’s president mocks president Jonathan

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni yesterday mocked Nigeria's President, Goodluck Jonathan for accepting foreign assistance to help fight Boko Haram.

The former guerrila fighter while speaking at a campaign rally said he would rather commit suicide than ask the international community to protect his people against terrorists.

“I have never called the United Nations to guard us. Me, Yoweri Museveni to say that I have failed to protect my people and I call on the UN: I would rather hang myself. We prioritized national security by developing a strong Army, otherwise our Uganda would be like DRC, South Sudan, Somalia or Nigeria where militias have disappeared with school children.

“It would be a vote of no confidence in our country and citizens if we cannot.guarantee our security. What kind of persons would we be?” He said

Photos: Karen Igho is engaged

Karen Igho is “off the market”!

The Former BBA Winner, shared this photos of her engagement ring. No word on who the lucky man is yet.

Congrats to her. See another photo below...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I’m now responsible for being the best mom i can be - Ciara

Ciara and Future welcomed a baby boy, Future in the early hours of Monday, and now they're finally ready to take their bundle of joy home.

The singer took to Twitter to express her excitement about leaving the hospital as a new mother.

"As I Leave The Hospital, I Cry Uncontrollable Happy Tears:)..I'm Now Responsible 4 Being The Best Mom I Can Be…," she tweeted. "So Many New Challenges, Experiences, & Moments 2 Create Ahead… #ImReady. #Thankful #ThankYouGod #ThankYou."

Thailand army announces military coup, suspends constitution

Thailand military has taken over government in Thailand, saying it was “necessary to seize power.” following the six months of political deadlock the country has faced.

While the head of the army, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, did not use the word "coup" in his televised statement, he said the takeover was necessary "in order for the country to return to normality quickly".

He added that the army, armed forces, air force.and police would seize power as of 4.30pm local time on Thursday and would help "reform the political structure, the economy and society".

He said: "It is necessary for the Peace and Order Maintaining Command – which includes army, navy, armed forces and police – to take control of governing the country."

In a separate televised statement, Thailand’s military leaders also said the national constitution had been suspended but the senate and all courts would continue to function

“In order to run the country smoothly, (coup leaders have) suspended the constitution of 2007, except for the chapter on the monarchy,” said a statement read out on national television.

Kidnapped Chibok Schoolgirls: US deploy troops to Chad

The United States  have deployed 80 members of its armed forces to Chad to help in the search for the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, the White House said Wednesday.

"These personnel will support the operation of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft for missions over northern Nigeria and the surrounding area," it said in a letter.

"The force will remain in Chad until its support in resolving the kidnapping situation is no longer required."

The forces will be involved in maintaining aircraft and analyzing data, but because they are armed the president Barack Obama is required by law to inform the speaker of the House, Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby said.

Boko Haram abducted more than 200 girls last month from a school in northern Nigeria. Officials have speculated that the militants may have transported them to neighboring Chad or Cameroon, but it's not clear where the girls are or whether they've left Nigeria.

Fulani herdsmen gang-rape 15-year-old girl and 2 housewives

No fewer than nine suspected Fulani herdsmen, yesterday, allegedly gang-raped a 15-year-old girl and two housewives (names withheld) at gunpoint, in Tse Ikyuer, Yandev, Mbagwen in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State.

Two of the victims, who narrated their ordeal to Vanguard in Makurdi, the state capital, said after beating and raping them, the herdsmen also made away with their N60,000 and two phones.

According to the women, who could barely walk, “one of us (the teenage girl) was raped repeatedly, after being thoroughly beaten by the herdsmen. At the moment, she is neither able to walk nor talk.”

Before they were taken to an undisclosed hospital in Makurdi for medical attention by the Police, the women, who spoke at intervals, said:
“The men with their leader came to our home in the afternoon and pleaded that we give them water to drink.

“We obliged them, but they noticed.the absence of our husbands, and when their leader asked of our husband’s whereabouts, we innocently told him that they travelled but would be back much later.

“After drinking the water, they left, only for about nine of them to come back later in the day, armed with guns and machetes and asked us to lie down and have sex with them or they will kill everybody.”

The women who wept profusely, explained that four of the armed herdsmen fired shots in the air to terrify and also compel them to submit to their demands.

She said: “After defiling us, they
beat us mercilessly and collected over N60,000 from us and also took away our handsets.”

The women said that the leader of the gang was well known in the community but he fled from the area with his family and cattle shortly after the incident.

Vanguard gathered from a Police source that one of the suspects had been arrested while the hunt for the leader of the gang and seven others had begun.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Superintendent (SP) Daniel Ezeala, who confirmed the incident, said investigations into the matter had commenced.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Photo: When Don Jazzy was a baby

When Don Jazzy was a baby...

Asari Dokubo urges South-South to prepare for war

Founder of the Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force, NDPVF, Asari Dokubo has urged the people of the South-South region to prepare for war against Boko Haram saying their growing onslaught was a war rehearsal of the 'Fulani feudalist' against the region which produced the country's economy mainstay.

Asari made this statement at the 10th annual Major Isaac Adaka Boro Public Lecture in Ughelli, Delta State.

He said: "What Boko Haram is doing is military exercise, its war rehearsals in the north, they are coming down. Sorry for Urhobo sorry for Benin, sorry for Esan land , sorry for Isoko land, na here dem go pass come meet Ijaw people.

"Ijaws alone cannot fight this battle, we are not strong enough to fight this battle, we need the collective strength of every one of us, and this is the last battle.

"Goodluck no get mouth to say he won't contest the next election. I will be 50 years on the first of June, I have twenty children and all my children from the age of ten can shoot gun, all my children are trained in martial arts, they can disable an able man.

"We must prepare for it, now I have gone back to the village because a war is coming, the time of 'no victor, no vanquish is gone', this time it is 'no retreat, no surrender'."

Ciara shares first photo of son, reveals his name

Singer Ciara has officially shared the first photo of her newborn son. Although its a shot of his chubby little arm.

Ciara's son has been named after his daddy, rapper Future.

"FUTURE ZAHIR WILBURN," Ciara captioned the first photo of her son.

Ciara also revealed that her son was born happy and healthy at 9lbs 10oz.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More photos from Jos twin bomb blast, Over 200 people died

The bomb blast that occurred this afternoon at the densely populated Terminus Market near Murtala Mohammed way, in Jos city killed at least 200 people. The twin explosion, occurred 30 minutes apart.

The bomb was planted in two cars, a Peugeot J5 van and a Toyota Sienna SUV with a Gombe state license plate number.

Eye-witnesses said the car had been parked near the busy market early this morning and had even drawn the curiosity of people in the area who allegedly alerted the police. It exploded hours later.

Warning! Graphic photo below...

Photos: 2 Bomb blast rocks Jos

Two blasts hit a crowded market in Jos this afternoon. The first explosion occurred at about 3.00pm, the second one 30 minutes later, killing scores.

The two bombs were reportedly concealed inside a truck and a minibus. See more photos below..

Singer Ciara welcomes baby boy with fiancé

Ciara and Future

Singer Ciara her rapper fiancé Future welcomed a baby boy into the world 'very early' on Monday morning in Los Angeles.

This baby is Ciara's first child, and Future's fourth.

Congrats to them.

FG reportedly in ‘back-door’ talks with Boko Haram to free kidnapped schoolgirls

Boko Haram Leader

Namadi Sambo

The Federal Government has reportedly begun talks with Boko Haram on how to free the abducted Chibok girls, The Nation reports.

The government is also asking the sect to hold its fire in the interest of both parties. But Boko Haram is demanding that the military pulls the brakes on its action against its members, a source reportedly said to The Nation yesterday.

According to sources, the "backdoor" talks are being coordinated by Vice-President Namadi Sambo through some clerics and elders in the North.

It was, however, stressed that the talks had nothing to do with "outright negotiation" with the sect because the Terrorism Act forbids payment of ransom.

The Nation learnt some elders from Borno State who have links with some coordinators of Boko Haram have met the Vice-President up to five times.

A source in the Presidency, who pleaded not to be named because he is not allowed to talk on the issue, told The Nation: "The government has been engaging Boko Haram through the backdoor. This is being coordinated by the Vice-President.

"The insurgents used to send representatives or emissaries to some of these Northern/Borno elders and clerics we have engaged.

"These leaders and clerics also give us feedback on their demands which centre on the need to stop military action against them; putting an end to mass arrests of their members and detention; and the release of detained Boko Haram members.

"The government is actually not negotiating with the insurgents, it is just discussing with them on the basis of ceasefire and the release of the innocent girls.

"We hope that there will be a mutual understanding which will be respected by both parties. Our ultimate objective is to secure the release of the girls."

Responding to a question, the source added: "The way we do it is that we feel their pulse or demand through some of these elders/ clerics or leaders who are known to them. We also tell them what we want.

"In fact, some of these facilitators of the talks have admitted that the Boko Haram leaders are known to them.

"We are not negotiating because even those who want to assist us do not support negotiation."

Another source said: "I can only tell you that a lot of underground work is being done to set the abducted girls free.

"The latest challenge to the underground talks is the meeting in France where all the nations have agreed to join forces against the sect.

"This development in Paris on Sunday is making the sect to have a rethink if the ongoing talks should continue or not.

"In the next few days, we should know where we are going."

A security source told The Nation: "There is no doubt that the government has been having indirect contacts with Boko Haram."

Monday, May 19, 2014

Photos: Nigerian Army in action to battle Boko Haram in Sambisa forest

Presidential Spokesman/Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati tweeted this pictures of 'Nigeria's committed and patriotic troops in action to crush' Boko Haram terrorists in Sambisa forest to #BringBackOurGirls.