Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Teacher who raped 3 under-aged schoolgirls says one of them made passes at him

Olayinka Folarin

A 38-year-old primary school teacher, identified as Olayinka Folarin (pictured above) who was arrested yesterday for raping three minors says it's not his fault because one of the minors made passes at him.

"One of them made advances at me. You know how children play with you in a funny way. This thing is beyond me." he said

Mr Folarin who took this young school girls whose ages were put between 10 and 11 years to the school toilet where he sexually molested them, has been arrested before for molesting children. He said he believes he is under some demonic attack that pushes him to commit the act and so he shouldn't be judged.

"I have been doing this for a long time. I feel terribly bad each time I did it but I could not stop it. Why don't you find a way of helping me. Is this meant to expose me? Some people should just think and reason with me. The person who has not sinned before should cast the first stone. If God did not forsake some people, I know he would not forsake me. I am a changed person now."

On how he carried out his evil act, Folarin said he would invite the little girls into the toilet, place them on the wash hand basin, lubricate their vagina with his hair cream, fondle them but says he never penetrated them with his manhood, a claim the police is refuting because medical examination on the little girls show their hymen was not intact.

"I never penetrated them. I only used my manhood to rub their private parts. Yes, I used my hair cream to lubricate my organ to stimulate myself.".

Oyo state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Olabisi Okuwobi‑Ilobanafor while confirming the incident said:

"The suspect had engaged in multiple defilement and all the victims said the same thing that he always abused them twice a week since last year. The third girl was lured by the suspect to cover his illicit affairs. The third girl he abused saw a note he wrote to one of the two girls when she was sweeping the floor and asked what was happening. The teacher then collected the paper; for fear of being exposed, he recruited her into the group" she said

Due to the seriousness of his crime, Folarin would be transferred to the state Police headquarters where further investigations would be carried out.

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