Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 World Cup: Portugees witch doctor claims he is responsible for Jerry Akaminko’s injury, Working on more Ghanaian players

Jerry Akaminko

Yesterday, a Ghanaian spiritualist, Kwaku Bonsam claimed he is responsible for Cristiano Ronaldo's injury. Bonsam claimed he used witchcraft to give Ronaldo the muscle problems to prevent him from playing against Ghana in the world cup.

A witch doctor based in Portugal, Mel Sigurson has also told a local radio station in Portugal that, he caused Ghana's Jerry Akaminko injury and that 3 more Ghanaian players will be injured.

"I discovered that some of our World Cup opponents were and am still working on the team. So I have decided to pay them back in their own coin with injuries.

"The Germans have their own share and so does Ghana who will miss three top players for the World Cup. A defender, a goalkeeper and a striker will miss out on the World Cup, since they are bent on hurting Cristiano. They touch my key men, I touch their key men."

"I don't see him playing any of the warm up games , but he sure will play in the World Cup",

Meanwhile the family of Akaminko few days ago came out to say, they believe someone in the team used 'juju' on him, so he could not play at the 2014 World Cup. (now they no where the problem is from)

## 2014 World Cup Battle of Witch Doctors. Lol na wa for this people.

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