Friday, June 13, 2014

Confab wants ban on slaughtering of animals in public

The national conference on Wednesday called for an enactment of a law that would prohibit the slaughtering of animals in the presence of other animals.

This was one of the amendment carried out by the delegates while considering the reports of the Committee on Agricultural and Water resources during plenary in Abuja.

Delegates were of the option that it was wrong for animals to be slaughtered in the presence of other animals, an act they described as cruel and not proper.

To avoid this, they said that abattoirs must be constructed in such a way that would make the slaughtering of animals hidden from fellow animals.

It was also agreed that abattoirs must be built in a way that would make them “animal friendly.”

The delegates said, “The design of abattoirs must be in such a way that is conducive to animals. Then animals must not be slaughtered in the presence and view of other animals.”

The delegates also voted for the re-introduction of marketing boards across the country.

On policy sustainability, the committee's recommendation that agricultural policies being done by an outgoing government be continued by the incoming government was thrown out by the conference.

Though they said it was wrong for any government to abandon projects, they however said it would be wrong to tie the hands of the new government.

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