Friday, June 6, 2014

Photos: LASU students storm Lagos State Government House with pots, cook beans there

Students of the Lagos State University (LASU) yesterday around 3:00pm matched to the Lagos State Government House and barricaded the entrance with two BRT buses and other vehicles they came with.

Private security men at the entrance quickly locked up the gate preventing them from entering and alerted police officers attached to Area F police command who quickly drafted to the scene to forestall any damage to government's property.

The protesting students danced and sang solidarity songs. When they got hungry, they brought out their big pots, set up firewood, cooked beans for themselves and it eat with bread.

The students are protesting the recent hike in their school fees and are asking the Lagos State governor to intervene on their behalf.

They vowed to remain at the scene until they got a positive response from the governor. They were eventually forced to leave when no official spoke with them but vowed toreturn until their demands are met.

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