Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nigerian Army denies planning Coup d’ etat

The Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh on tuesday debunked the insinuations making rounds of a possible coup d’ etat following security challenges confronting the country.

Badeh who dismissed the rumours when he received the Director-General of the National Orientation Agency, Mike Omeri, in his office, said such rumours are untenable, insisting that the military would do everything to defend democracy and its growth in Nigeria.

"Rumours in some quarters of a possible coup d’état in the country are unfounded." Badeh said.

Affirming the commitment of the Nigerian military to the defence of the nation's democracy, the CDS noted that "as an arm of democracy, the military as a professional group has no option but to love Nigeria and do those things that will ensure security and protection of lives within the nation."

Expressing further surprise at the rumours, Badeh said that democracy has come to stay in the country and the military has no intention of truncating it.

"Why should anyone be thinking in the negative fashion? Tell them we will not do it. Those spreading rumours of coups must be living elsewhere and not in Nigeria.

"The Armed Forces are defenders of democracy. We are an arm of democracy, so how can an arm of democracy work against the democracy that we are part of?"

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