Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nigerians to expect blackout as power generation drops by 1000MW

Chinedu Nebo

Electricity consumers in some parts of the country, including Lagos, will experience a drastic drop in power supply for the next three weeks as the Federal Government on Tuesday announced the shutdown of Utorogu and Ughelli East gas plants.

The power generation, which before now was about 3,674 megawatts, is expected to drop by about 1000 megawatts currently being supplied by a number power generation stations receiving gas from the two plants, including Egbin and Omotosho.

The Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, said the closure of the two gas plants was to ensure their proper maintenance.

The installed capacities for Egbin, Omotoso I and Omotoso II power stations are put at 1,320MW, 336MW and 252MW. However, as of last week, the power stations were generating 550MW, 141MW and 105MW.

Other affected power stations were said to be generating about 300MW.

Nebo said the closure of the gas plants would affect the output of power generation stations taking gas supplies from these plants but experts will be at work to ensure that available power is distributed in a manner to minimise inconvenience to consumers.

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