Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gospel singer Kennis St. Brown joins politics, Set to contest under APC (contd)

Continued from Gospel singer Kennis St. Brown joins politics, Set to contest under APC.

To be able to achieve your dreams, you need funds. How prepared are you to play the game of politics?

Well, why should I see problems and not see reasons I should be in the House of Assembly. Where there's a will, there is a way. Because there is a will for me to help in the area of youth development in Lagos State, there will be a way out to achieve this goal.

Do you think it's only by becoming a law maker that this particular project can be achieved?

Tell me which other way you can use government money, if democracy is government of the people by the people and for the people, how will the people benefit from the funds belonging to them? Tell me if there's any other way because if I start an NGO now, you know how people have bastardized NGO's. You should know that am not hungry. I told someone recently that everything that people have on their lips as prayer points, God has blessed me with. Tell me what is the prayer point now, if I have two cars, is it not only one car that I will drive? If I have a whole house, is it not one bed that I will sleep on? God has blessed me with a son and daughter. I have three degrees and I'm the CEO of my company, KSB International Consulting Company. I'm the vice president of Kennis Music. So, if people want to be famous thank God, I am famous at least for the last 16 years. I have become a household name. So, you can see that I'm a proud beneficiary of these factors in Nigeria. These are some of the benefits that Nigeria has offered me and it's time for me to help government to transform the

Why did you choose APC as your party?

If you see what APC as a party has done in the states where they are controlling, you would be amazed. If you are familiar with how beautiful Lagos State is at the moment, then take a ride to Ogun State where APC is currently in control, and see the massive change that has taken place there. May be, you need to travel to Ibadan, Oyo State and behold the massive changes that have taken place in the city of Ibadan. Or better still, you travel to Osun State and behold what Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is doing in that state. APC signature is change; especially in the south-west. They have done so well in propagating change not just in the environment but also, in education, infrastructure, health, efficiency and many others. So, they are the team I want to work with for now.

What kind of change would you bring about when you eventually become a law maker in Lagos State?

Now, we are talking about funding, revenue and expenditure. You can't take it away from the fact that Lagos State has about 57 LCDs and the federal government is funding only 27, according to their records. I am not trying to speak for governor Fashola right now, but the truth is that there is so much demand in respect of the amount of money the state is getting from the federation account. I am saying it would get to a point where the federal government would be able to recognise the great work that the Lagos State government is doing with the LCDA that they are not funding. The state government is using the little amount it's generating internally to fund the other Local Governments.

Being a celebrated music star, are you going to dump music for politics?

I can't stop singing. Singing is my nature, music is my life. Give me a stage now and I will kill the stage, I will get you up and get you dancing. It's a ministry; I am actually the youth pastor in my church, and every Sunday morning, I'm there. I am a professional person, I can't say because of this I can't do that. I'm never an idle person and again, I easily get bored doing one thing.

According to Karl Max, "religion is the opium of the people."

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