Saturday, July 12, 2014

Governor Fashola says the only way Nigerians can have stable electricity is by voting PDP out in 2015 election

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State said yesterday at the commemoration of his 2,600 days in office which was celebrated at Lagos Television's Blue Roof pavilion, that the only way to have constant electricity supply in the country is to vote out the ruling party, PDP from power come 2015.

Explaining further about what he meant by the statement, Fashola said he once told the people that the ruling party's 2020-20 vision was only a night mare, and that there was no vision. He says they have moved from there to seven-point agenda and now they are transforming, what next?.

"I agree that it is possible to generate electricity and to make sure that everybody in this country has electricity. I agree with you it is simple with what we have done in Lagos within the areas where we are constrained showed that it can be done. But the only way you and I will have electricity in this country is to vote out the PDP."

"In 16 years, hundreds of billions of naira had been spent on power supply and we cannot switch on electricity for the entire country. But in seven years, we (Lagos State Government) have created four plants, it showed that something is missing. Unless you vote for the All Progressives Congress, APC to change an inefficient government, it is going to be difficult to have electricity.

"They started from vision 2020-20 and I told you then that they were having nightmare, that there was no vision. They moved to seven-point agenda and now they are transforming.

"Let me also say that in the last seven years, we need to ask how many new power plants the Federal Government has commissioned because sometimes the power that is coming to Lagos at most is 1000 mega watts often times it is 600, at other times 800 mega watts."

"I appreciate the problem of distribution of power, that was why the state government established the transformer manufacturing company, which has afforded the state government the opportunity to distribute transformers to several communities in the state," he said.

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