Tuesday, July 29, 2014

MFM pastor battling eye cataract cries out, G.O. Olukoya gave him anointing oil and prayer points instead of money

Pastor Lawrence Okechukwu Amuruche

A 61-year-old father of two Pastor Lawrence Okechukwu Amuruche is crying out for help after the anointing oil, water and prayer points given to him by the General Overseer of his church, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministeries (MFM), Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya has failed to stop the cataract growing in his eyes.

Amuruche heads the Satelite town branch of the church and reveals he has been battling with eye cataract which has grown on one eye and may affect the second if he doesn't get medical help as soon as possible.

In an interview with The Sun, he revealed the eye problem started when his eyes were constantly itching him, and he later had blurry sight. His wife told him there was a growth forming in his eyes, so he went to see an ophthalmologist.

The optician told him he had developed an eye cataract and he urgently needed surgery.

"At the hospital, they said I should provide N450,000 per eye. That is N900,000 for the two eyes but I cannot afford it. I did an eye test for which I paid N130,000 pending the time I will get money for the surgery. But I have not been able to raise money and my situation is getting worse by the day."

When asked if his church has done anything to assist him, he said; "I have gone to my General Overseer for money to do the surgery. To get him was a problem. It was just last week that I was able to get him.

But instead of giving me money to do the surgery, he gave anointing oil, prayer points and water to be washing my face. I told him that I have prayed. I have been doing fasting and have been doing vigils concerning the eyes. But it has been deteriorating. If my coming out to seek for help will lead to my sack, let him sack me and I will go instead of losing my eyes in the name of ministry. And I will not be able to minister, I will not pastor and I will be in the house and they will not pay me."

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