Saturday, August 16, 2014

APC threatens to sue Marilyn Ogar over terrorism allegations, revealing DSS turned down N14m bribe

The All Progressives Congress (APC) today said it would sue the spokesperson of the States security Service (SSS), Marilyn Ogar, for attempting to blame the party for the series of bomb blasts in the country.

APC stated that by Ms. Ogar saying on national television that whenever the opposition party wins an election, there would be no bomb blasts, but whenever another party wins the election, there would be blasts, she  was implying that the party was responsible for terrorism in Nigeria.

A press release issued by APC's National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, on Saturday demanded Ogar's resignation.

"For the DSS Spokesperson to echo the same capricious statement that has been made in the past by the spokesman of the PDP shows that the agency has dropped its toga of non-partisanship and has descended into the political fray.

"If the DSS has any professional ethics, if DSS is not an arm of the PDP, then the agency must publicly dissociate itself from the irresponsible and unfounded allegation by Ogar and disengage her from the service.

"Doing that will be the first step in restoring the credibility, or whatever is left of it, of the DSS. In the alternative, we challenge the DSS to present to Nigerians any evidence it may have to link our party to the spate of bomb blasts in the country. After all, it is trite that he who alleges must prove."

The party also commented on Ogar's allegation that "a certain political party" believed to be APC offered the SSS N14 million as a bribe, saying institutions of state like the SSS must know that their responsibility is to the nation, and not to any political party that may be having a transient hold on power that their loyalty is to the nation, not to any individual.

"This way, the institutions will keep their integrity intact and also serve the nation properly. Irrespective of the government in power, institutions of state must stay above the fray, in line with best practices.

"This is a lesson that should not be hard for the fellows over there at the DSS to understand, going by the antecedents of their agency. However, where they choose to play politics with their professionalism and integrity, they will soon realise there are working in an agency that is not worth its salt, one that has lost the respect of the citizenry."

It saddled the National Assembly with the task of inviting Ogar's to explain if the alleged N14million bribe was offered and who offered it.

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