Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nigeria will start exporting cars soon - President Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday took to his Facebook page to announce that Nigeria will become an automobile exporting nation very soon, noting that his administration
is committed to the National
Automobile Policy.

The President stated that, "when this administration launched the new National Automobile policy, I promised Nigerians that our nation will ultimately become a hub for the automobile industry. Today (Tuesday), this promise has been fulfilled several times over as Hyundai Motors joins Kia, Nisan and Innoson Motors as automobile manufacturers who produce cars in Nigeria. This is only the beginning. This policy will be seen to its logical conclusion of making Nigeria an automobile exporting nation after our domestic demands are met in the same manner as we did with our cement sub sector,".

1 comment:

  1. Export cars indeed!!!
    1. National Automobile Policy, without a concurrent and visible power policy and technology policy is a half baked policy.
    2. Is the focus of the policy merely to make Nigeria an exporter of automobile, and not to empower Nigerians to be buyers of brand new automobiles? What is the percentage of Nigerians who can afford to buy cars, not to talk of brand new cars. Should Nigeria produce cars for citizens of other countries when Nigerians themselves too impoverished to buy one?
    3. How many of these made-in-Nigeria vehicle are in the President's fleet?
    4. If the president and his ministers don't ride in Kia and Innoson vehicles, then what manner of National Automobile Policy are we talking about that the president can't lead by example.
    I dey laugh oh!!!


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