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Pastor E.A. Adeboye says he doesn't want to live up to 100 years

Pastor E.A Adeboye

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E.A Adeboye says he doesn't want to live up to 100 years. Pastor Adeboye said this over the weekend while speaking at Bishop David Oyedepo's 60th birthday celebration.

"When I marked 70 and people prayed that I would be up to 80, I said amen. When they said I would be up 90, I said well, amen. But when they said 100, I didn't say amen. I didn't because I don't know what offense I would have committed for God to keep me up to 100 in this sinful world when a crown of glory is awaiting me in heaven. I wouldn't mind to be 92 though, so that I will be alive to preach when Bishop Oyedepo is 80. But to live up to 100, I don't know about that" he said.

Photo: Omotola Ekeinde shows off her MFR National Award certificate

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde today took to social media to show off her Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR) award certificate. Omotola was among the Nigerians who were decorated with the National Award yesterday in Abuja by President Goodluck Jonathan.

$9.3m Arms Deal: Finally Oritsejafor opens up, says "war has been waged against the Nigerian Church"

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, yesterday for the first time spoke on the controversial $9.3m cash allegedly smuggled into South Africa by two Nigerians and an Israeli using his private jet. The money which has been confiscated by a South African court was meant for the purchase of arms for the Nigerian Intelligence Services.

Following the use of his aircraft to convey the money which was not declared in South Africa until immigration officials discovered it, the CAN president was linked to the arms deal with critics condemning his role in the arms deal.

Explaining his own side of the story yesterday, at an emergency meeting of the expanded National Executive Council, NEC, of CAN in Abuja, Pastor Oritsejafor denied any involvement or knowledge of the deal to buy arms in South Africa, noting that enemies of Christians were fuelling the division of CAN.

He said: "The media has been awash in the past few days about an unfortunate incident involving the movement of funds from Nigeria to South Africa. In the unfortunate news reports, attempts have been made to link me directly with the transaction. So far I have refrained from making any direct public statement pending the time that I would have briefed the leaders of the church and explained my position on the issues to them.

"I believe that the primary institution that I owe any explanation to is the church. Permit me to thank everyone who stood by me these past days by ways of prayers, as well as strongly defending me even though I have not undertaken any public defence of myself.

"I am particularly appreciative of the valuable support of the Catholic Church in refuting a distorted news item by mischievous elements in the media. I wish to assure you that I will not do anything to tarnish the image of Jesus Christ or compromise the divine standard of the Church.

"At the risk of being seen to be defending myself, I wish to confirm to the distinguished leaders of the church that the Bombardier Challenger 601 aircraft in question is mine.

"The aircraft was presented to me as a gift by members of our congregation and ministry partners world wide at the 40th anniversary of my call into the ministry. May I be permitted to stress that the aircraft was not given to me by the President of Nigeria, neither was it a settlement for any political favour or patronage.

"With the benefit of hindsight, the President of the country was a guest in our church during the anniversary celebration when the Jet was presented to me and this has been construed to imply that it was a gift from the President of the country.

"The President of Nigeria has nothing to do with the gift of the aircraft. By the way, I still wonder why all those saying this, still cannot come out to show proof so that the matter can be put to rest once and for all. Let me say that this might be an issue of the court in the near future.

"In order to ameliorate the cost of maintenance of the aircraft, I sought and got permit to allow the aircraft fly in and out of Nigeria.

"Based on this, I leased the aircraft on August 2, 2014 to a company to run it. It was the leasee that entered into an agreement with the people who carried out the transfer of funds. Having leased the aircraft to the Green Coast Produce Company Limited, any transaction undertaken with the aircraft can no longer be attached to me.

"In as much as I am shocked and distressed by the incident, I wish to appeal to Christians in Nigeria to remember that a war has been waged against the Nigerian Church. This war is being fought on many fronts and this unfortunate incident is another dimension in the assault against the Church.

"It is clear that those who manipulated this conspiracy desire to create a schism in the Church. The media hype and the deliberate distortion of information that followed it confirmed that forces that desperately desire to cause division and disunity in the Church are at work. Even the devil knows that a house that is divided cannot stand.

"As Christians, we need unity in the Church now more than ever. We are witnessing inhuman attacks by religious extremists against Christians in the northern part of the country while Christian infrastructure is being destroyed in hundreds.

"If we permit the enemy to divide us, our chances of corporate survival shall be severely threatened.

"Distinguished leaders of the Church, please permit me to state clearly before God and before all of you here present today, I am not a party to the movement of $9.3 million from Nigeria to South Africa to purchase arms and ammunition. I am not part of the deal. I know nothing about it.

"Let me make a passionate appeal to our heads of blocks, heads of denominations and Christian leaders at different levels and spheres of influence to please use your good offices to caution and control your subordinates and followers from making public statements that will further polarise the Church and strengthen the arms of the enemies of the church.

"If I offend you or you offend me, instead of talking to media, let us talk to each other within the house of God."

Former president Obasanjo set to go back to school

Former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, is set to go back to school for a higher degree in Christian Theology.

Obasanjo will formally enrol as a graduate student at the headquarters of the National Open University of Nigeria in Lagos on Tuesday.

In 2009, two years after he left office, Obasanjo obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in 2009. Now he is working towards a doctorate degree, beginning first with a Masters degree.

The former president confirmed the news when he was contacted on Monday night by Premium Times. He said it was important for him to make some commitments towards achieving his aspirations in life.

"I'm going back to school because I have to have something to aspire to in every endeavour of life," He said. "I always aspire to something new in my farm. I do that in my international activities. I do it in my writing. I do it in the improvement of my academic work which helps to sharpen my brain and strengthen my faith."

When asked how he was going to cope combining his studies with his tight international engagements, Mr. Obasanjo said he would take advantage of the flexibility of the National Open University's system.

"Fortunately, the Open University is flexible enough and I will definitely be able to cope. I was able to cope when I did the Post Graduate. I was also busy during the period," he said.

The National Open University was initially established in 1983 but was suspended by the then military government in 1984. Mr. Obasanjo resuscitated it in 2001.

In November 2006, a few months to the end of his eight-year tenure, the then president enrolled for a post graduate diploma in Christian Theology at the university. He graduated in January 2009.

At the graduation ceremony, the then Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Olagbemiro Jegede, described Mr. Obasanjo as a hardworking student.

Culled From Premium Times

Monday, September 29, 2014

Court orders SSS to apologize and pay El-Rufai N2m for unlawful detention

Nasir El-Rufai

A Federal High Court sitting in Awka, Anambra State, has ordered the State Security Service to apologize to a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nasir El-Rufai, and to pay him N2 million in damages for unlawful detention.

A statement issued by Muyiwa Adekeye, a media aide to the former FCT Minister said El- Rufai was on November 15 and 16 2013, arrested and detained at the Finotel in Awka during the last Anambra governorship elections.

Dissatisfied with his treatment, and believing that the conduct of the SSS had no basis in law, Mr. El-Rufai approached the court for redress.

The case which with Suit No: FHC/AWK/CS/310/13, had the SSS and the Attorney-General of the Federation as respondents.

Delivering judgment in Awka on Monday, Justice Ibrahim Bature Gafai held that the SSS has no statutory powers under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 or under any Nigerian law to detain El-Rufai without showing cause to a court of competent jurisdiction.

The judge consequently ordered the SSS to publish an apology in two national dailies for the unlawful and unconstitutional violation of his liberty.

President Jonathan places Nigerian flag designer, Pa. Akinkunmi on a life salary

President Goodluck Jonathan and Taiwo Akinkunmi

President Goodluck Jonathan has placed Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi, the designer of the Nigerian Flag, on the salary of a Special Assistant forever.

Taiwo Akinkunmi is a retired Nigerian civil servant born on 10 May 1936 and famous for designing the Flag of Nigeria.

In 1959, Akinkunmi, a 23-year-old student studying at Norwich Technical College in England saw an advertisement in a newspaper that entries were being accepted for the design of a new National flag and he entered the competition. His original design had a red sun with streaming rays placed at the top of the white stripe. This was removed by the judges.

Akinkunmi's design was chosen as the winner and was first officially used on October 1, 1960, Nigeria's Independence day.

Synagogue Tragedy: Tonto Dikeh consoles T.B Joshua

Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has sent out a condolence message to pastor T.B Joshua over the recent tragedy that befell his Synagogue church.

It would be recalled that in 2012, Tonto claimed TB Joshua delivered her from smoking habit of 14 years.

"I was watching a program on TV with Prophet T.B. Joshua and he was laying hands on people and praying for them. I love to watch his programs on Emmanuel TV. When he was praying, he said, 'Lay your hands on the TV' and I just laid my hands that day. I actually needed something else from God, not to quit smoking because I loved smoking! However, after praying I sat back and I think I slept off." "When I woke up, I took a stick of cigarette and I felt crazy. I couldn't even imagine that I took it up to smoke in the first place. It felt like poison..." she disclosed.

“Hmm… What’s That Smell?” - Uti Nwachuwku writes about personal hygiene

DANG!!! Did that just come from you?

Usually that's what goes through your head if you are cursed to be seated close to someone with rancid breath or even worse if you end up in bed with someone who has become one with body odour.

Yes, my fellow Nigerians. Quite a number of you smell. Be it body or mouth odour but it has become a threat to social existence in our society because some of you are so selfish and too wicked to bother about personal hygiene. Only money money money una de think? It's not fair ooooo.

Come on people, do you know that the way you smell can even favour or be bad luck to you when you are trying to get employed?

I know of a model that was hot and when the designer asked her to try on the clothes, the minute she took her top off. The designer "change face" and said "you know what, I've changed my mind, your agency will get back".

He then went back to the casting crew and said : WTF? She smells like s***.

This also happens to male models regularly and designers complain. I understand because a friend once borrowed my shirt and I had to turn it to a rag afterwards. On the other hand, my good friend in Benin borrowed my singlet and it came back smelling of how your box smells when you travel to Jand. Get this, it was unwashed. Now that's a clean person.

First things first- Armpit/ Body Hair Nigerians! We live in a temperate region of the world. It's hot and humid. Male or female , why on earth will you allow your armpit hair grow out?

Do you not know that hair in closed places traps bacteria and builds up gunk that will now smell? Habah now!

With or without antiperspirants, shave your armpit hair. I know some guys that will say oo it's manly to have hair in your pits. Really??

To choke the babes that you are hugging or dancing with is manly? And you wonder why the girls go home with the metrosexual men more. Smh.

Brosiyeeeeeee. Shave your pits. Nigeria is too hot, plus no matter what you say, hairy armpits are unsightly.

And invest in really strong antiperspirants. Abeg, for the sake of your friends and girlfriends.

It's quite embarrassing to tell you but trust me, if you have armpit hair in Nigeria you do smell after a while and people just don't want to tell you.

Don't even come with that crap about not being able to afford body sprays. There are very cheap ones if you don't have enough money. Some go for as little as 150 Naira. No excuses. Buy them and use, I'd rather chill with a local person smelling good cheap than a classy person smelling like carbide.


Let's go to the body…this is really controversial. As a woman of course there should not be hair ANYWHERE on your body apart from your head.

Someone shout out – Brazilian Wax. Hahaha kidding.

But even down there ladies, come on. What are you doing with all that bush, abi you wan train hair to make short and curly weavon/wig to sell?? Habah. You know how sensitive that spot is…the more shaved it is, the less likely you are to have odours when you combine with your regular non soap "surface" wash (seeing as it is a self cleaning organ. Hurray!!!)

Now guys. Smh….I remember in the University or was it Secondary School sef. One of my roommates came in and decided to change after classes. Omo the room actually changed when he took off his trousers, Gaddemm!

How do I describe this smell. Like egg wey dem troway inside dustbin and forget take trash out overnight. I was in shock.

Guys, guys, guysss! Stop with this: "It's not masculine" talk. If you can use a clipper to shave your armpit hair because you will sweat in Nigeria, that body hair will trap odour o!

If you are hairy, please shave your torso. Leave the ones on your legs and arms but please shave every other area. When you travel to cold regions. You can let it grow.

And, pleaseeeee shave you privates o! Our organ ain't self cleaning o and circumcised or not, if not groomed it will stink. Don't believe me? If you have an afro wig down there, after a long day scratch and sniff your fingers (like u all normally do) hahahaha.

It's okay to have very low hair (carpet) on the Pelvic/top area so as not to breed endangered microscopic organisms.

But please use a clipper if you are prone to bumps to carpet this area.

But for the sack and the shlong abeeeeg shave clean, you can't use clippers, else it will cut your life.

Use a shaving stick and shaving cream. Luckily with the clipper, you can also shave the inner thighs and the dreaded hind region. Yes I said hind region.

Lol, some of us have a rain forest there. Some people go say "I be man I nor dey use am for anything," errr you do know that when you have hair there, believe it or not but particles of poo get entangled there unless you have time to shower after every no 2 or use water.

And let's face it, a lot of people don't use water or shower after every no 2. And yes it can trap tissue. Do you remember that song in primary school? Craw craw deyyyy for person ny_____ Hahahaha.

One way to also keep that place very clean, is to use very little petroleum jelly on your inner regions/thighs before you wear a fresh pair of boxers daily. Lol, Yes o. Please wear your boxers once and throw it in the laundry. No more 2 days rule. You dey shame as you de read this abi?

Lastly…Mouth Odour

KAI, Kai, Kai, Mbaaanuuuu!

This one is an epidemic. Is it our food? weather? Are people using cheap toothpaste? What is it? If I meet 10 people in a day at least 7 of them have some kind of funny breath.

I have even had friends with pungent mouth odour and it used to freak me out to watch their babes kiss them. I'm like are you kidding me?

Even entertainers! How can you allow your mouth smell? Habah! I have a friend whose breath smelled like he ate a dead rat in spoilt beans and drank gutter water to wash it down. Kaiii, I'm not exaggerating. This mouth odour had jurisdiction o.

No matter how far he was, as long as he was in the same room you would smell it. Torture.

And my other friends that were not fond of him would tease him
behind. "Uti why dis your guy
mouth de bugga"

So I'll share with you what I smartly suggested to him (without telling him his mouth was smelling) and it worked. Now he dey form big boy, dey do like he always had clean mouth.

Apart from visiting your dentist, Here it goes;

Rule number 1: Abeg, do not use your toothbrush for more than a month. Please buy a new one at the end of every month. That thing is used to remove dirt and bacteria every morning and night. And yes brush twice.

Use good toothpaste o, fluoride toothpaste. That fights tooth decay, plaque and bacteria. Use dental floss. Toothbrushes can't remove all the particles stuck between your teeth. If you no sabi use floss, YouTube search the instructions.

Mouth wash was made by geniuses. If you have bad breath trust me you can taste it. So don't lie to yourselves, there's no way you will say you don't know abeg!

Mouth wash kills bacteria that cause bad breath and also fights plaque. It even helps to clean holes if you have. Use it everyday at least for a while until your breath has been corrected. Then you can use as you like.

Tongue scrapper/cleaner comes in handy as well. The surface of the tongue is a coven for bacteria because that is what you use to mix the food as you masticate. You need to scrape off the surface and leave it fresh and clean because that thing will smell so bad if you let bacteria thrive.

During the daytime buy and chew the sugar free healthy mint gums if you go out to socialize. You can't go wrong!

So that's it o!! I've done my part to help you people o. Don't say I'm keeping these secrets to myself. LOL!

I'm not a doctor neither am I a health specialist, I'm just a guy who has had experiences and does not joke with personal hygiene – in me and in others.

Zero tolerance for unpleasant odours and trust me people will get more comfy with you. There's no harm in trying. Try it and see.

Thank me later.

And remember it always begins with a choice…..

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Photos from Bishop Oyedepo's 60th birthday party

Founder of Living Faith Worldwide, popularly known as Winners' Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, turned 60 yesterday September 27th, 2014.

Bishop Oyedepo was born on September 27, 1954, at Osogbo, Osun State. On February 19, 1969, he gave his life to Christ and founded Winners' Chapel in 1981. The Church has since become a global network of churches with congregations in 34 countries.

A party was thrown yesterday to celebrate his birthday. The founder of RCCG, Pastor E A. Adeboye preached at the event. Gen Gowon, Agric Minister Dr Adesina and First Lady of Cross River State were also at the party.

Photos: Finally we meet Davido's new girlfriend?

Davido and Habiba Sinare

Davido and Habiba Sinare

Davido may have found himself a new girlfriend!

These photos of Davido and the current Miss Supranational Ghana, Habiba Sinare hit the net last night.

The singer is yet to introduce her as his new girlfriend. Are they really a couple? Only time will tell.

Do you think they look cute together?

Davido and Habiba Sinare

Photo: Kanye West grabs Kim Kardashian's massive butt

Kanye West grabs Kim Kardashian's massive butt

It's his and his alone! Kanye wants the world to know.

So yesterday, Kim Kardashian shared this photo of her husband Kanye West grabbing her massive butt while they walked down a set of stairs.

The photo was taken in Paris, where the couple have been attending fashion week.

Pastor T.B Joshua says his miracles are real

Pastor T.B Joshua

Following the collapse of a building inside his Synagogue church premises that killed over 115 people, Pastor T.B Joshua has come under severe criticisms, with some people alleging that his miracles are not real.

Yesterday, a South African journalist published a report where he rubbished all the miracles that supposedly happens at the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

"I challenged the pilgrims to provide me with medical proof that they had been healed. None did." Journalist Jacques Pauw wrote.

In a statement released through the church's official Facebook page, Joshua claimed that all his miracles were performed before the church audience and were broadcast live through the SCOAN's Emmanuel TV. Read their statement below...

The SCOAN released a public statement yesterday, September 26, 2014 regarding a false story published in The Vanguard Newspaper, "Synagogue: We Sealed Off Building Before Collapse – LSBCA" which was a total fabrication intended to divert people's attention from the issue at hand. The writer needs to be investigated concerning the building collapse.

To our surprise, a cover story with even greater fabrications was published today, September 27, 2014 in The Saturday Vanguard, "Are T.B. Joshua's Miracles Real?" The writer(s) fabricated names of people who do not exist and remained nameless and faceless in order to hide their evil intentions. They need to be investigated.

It is our belief that these stories were intended to divert people's attention from the evil that has been done. Those involved in these stories need to be investigated concerning the building collapse. If they are not directly involved, they will help the investigation. If they are not the ones who did it, they know those who did. Perhaps, they were involved in the building collapse because they claim what is happening in The SCOAN is fake. They are suspect.

Please note, all of The SCOAN services are public and broadcast live on Emmanuel TV.

Do not be misled and diverted from the truth. No matter how long a lie is sustained, the truth will someday prevail. Jesus is the Truth.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Charly Boy says entertainers are rushing into politics because they are scared of their future

Charly Boy

Charly Boy has finally answered the big question we all have being asking since our entertainers suddenly started delving into politics.

Known for always being the weirdest in the room due to his fashion style, Area fada, as he is popularly called, in a chat with Saturday PUNCH said that those who ventured into politics are uncertain about their future.

He said, "We are living in very hard times and however they think they can augment their source of livelihood; I understand some of these issues because our environment has become crazy and unpredictable whereby they do not know what is going to happen tomorrow.

"I know to some people, they think politics is the way. Personally, I would never do that; I would never jump into something I know nothing about. We Nigerians are like 'group-souls,' meaning we just rush into what we see everybody going into.

"Whether we can go through that route or not is irrelevant; but because everybody is going through it, we just want to be a part of it. It is also known as the 'bandwagon syndrome.'

"That is not my template of doing things, anybody that knows me know that I don't venture into things others are doing. I don't follow the bandwagon and that is why I do not see myself venturing into politics and I have a little disrespect for politicians. I know that most of them are bad and they are people who have not nurtured themselves as leaders and are involved in politics because of the money they want to steal.

"That is not a good thing, but I cannot stop somebody who is frightened of his/her tomorrow to venture in the same path. I pray and hope that they can make it because there is nowhere that is easy."

He further advised that if they were to venture into politics, they should learn the art of treachery because the political sphere is filled with backstabbers. He described the act of entertainers venturing into politics as 'uncool' and said that it all bore down to the fact that entertainers have no protection for their intellectual property.

Cameroon military capture Boko Haram’s top commander, Abakar Ali

Cameroonian soldiers have captured one of the top commanders of Boko Haram, Abakar Ali. According to reports, the Cameroonian army also seized a huge cache of arms and ammunition from the Islamist militants during the operation.

Abakar Ali who also goes by name "Mustapher Umar" according to SaharaReporters, was caught with 5 machine guns, 14 rifles, 24 rockets, 4 rocket launchers, 6 Kalashnikovs, 60 Kalashnikovs magazines, 4 automatic pistols , over 500 9mm ammunition, 469 12.7mm ammunition, 4,454 7.62 mm ammunition, 1,491 5.56 mm ammunition, 822 ammunition of 7.62 mm, 6 grenades, 28 rocket launcher chargers and other weaponized accesories like pincers, tweezers and knives.

A mid-level Nigerian military officer, who is serving with a multi-national force that operates around the Nigeria-Cameroon border, revealed the information to SaharaReporters via telephone. He disclosed that Cameroonian soldiers nabbed Mr. Ali along with two other Boko Haram fighters in Kousseri, a town in northern Cameroon.

He described Ali as the insurgent commander who has been leading the Islamist sect's attacks around the border towns between Nigeria and Cameroon. He added that the arrested insurgent shuttled between various Boko Haram camps in the area and organized deadly attacks that targeted mostly civilians.

The Nigerian officer stated that the Cameroonian military was expected to share intelligence with their Nigerian counterparts regarding any confessions made by the captured terrorist during interrogation. He added that Nigerian security agencies are likely to learn more about Mr. Ali's linkages with others in Boko Haram's cells in Nigeria's northeast area.

Source: Sahara Reporters

Thinking Out Loud: There will be chaos in Nigeria if President Jonathan is declared ineligible to re-contest

During the week, two politicians filed a suit before the Federal High Court in Abuja seeking to stop President Goodluck Jonathan and his vice, Namadi Sambo, from re-contesting in 2015.

They argued that by the virtue of constitutional provisions, the President and the Vice President elected in the same election and sworn into office on the same date and ceremony are taken to have been elected for one single term of four years notwithstanding the death or the impeachment of any of them.

The plaintiffs argue that by the virtue of the oaths taken by Jonathan and Sambo following the death of President Umaru Yar'adua in 2010 and their subsequent re-election in 2011, both of them have completed the two terms allowed by law so they are ineligible to contest in 2015.

Taking a look at their arguement, i think they are right, President Jonathan may be ineligible to re-contest, but that is something the court will determine.

If you've being following Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria, TAN's Pro-Jonathan rallies, you'll notice the massive number of people who support Jonathan's re-election in 2015 and you may agree with my thought that there will be chaos in Nigeria if Jonathan is declared ineligible to re-contest.

Lets not forget that some individuals and groups have even threatened to cause havoc if Jonathan refuses to contest. Niger Delta Activist and ex-militant, Asari Dokubo went as far as saying Jonathan will be president in 2015 whether he contests or not, else there will be bloodshed.

Do you disagree or agree with me? Let me know by leaving a comment. Feel free to share your own thoughts.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Barely 5-months of being married, Tiwa Savage and husband already having serious issues

Tiwa Savage and her husband Tunji Balogun

Tiwa Savage and her husband Tunji Balogun are reportedly going through some serious marital crisis which could end their marriage.

According to a report on Kemi Filani's blog, Tiwa is ready to end the barely 5-months old marriage because she is tired of her (ex-)manager/husband Tee Billz beating her and cheating on her.

"Kemi, it's nothing new abeg. We were shocked when she accepted to marry him, he's bn beating her even before he asked her to marry him but love is stupid sometimes. When she agreed to marry him fine, we said 'okay, do a private and not a big wedding in case things fall apart but they said no...it's money sharing formula that is worrying them" Blogger Kemi claims one of the sources in the circle confidently told her.

Tiwa has also sacked him and gotten herself a new manager. Since they attended the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in New York, Tee Billz and Tiwa have not been spotted together, nor shared pictures of each other on their respective social media.

Plateau State Government budgets N442m for plates, spoons

Wait o N442 millon for plates, spoons and "other items"?? This is just outrageous!!

The Plateau State Government which has less than six months to the end of its administration has sent a supplementary budget of N23.4bn to the state House of Assembly for consideration and approval.

In the proposed budget, they plan to spend N442,289,600.00 on supply and fixing of curtains, blinds, customised cutleries and other items at the new Government House. The contract would be awarded to a foreign firm.

Road networks, purchase of official vehicles and other projects at the new Government House at Little Rayfield are also expected to gulp N4.2bn.

Other items to be covered by the supplementary budget are procurement of a Toyota Land Cruiser model vehicle for the Chief Judge of Plateau State, at the cost of N25,625,675.68 and a Toyota Corolla for the Chief Registrar, Plateau State Judiciary, at the cost of N7,545,398,68.

Also, the completion of existing road projects all over the state, the office of the SSG at the new Government House and provision of infrastructure and office equipment at the new office of the Board of Internal revenue is expected to gulp N13bn, while N1.5bn was budgeted to the state water board.

The rest of the estimates computed and collated from all ministries, agencies and departments of government were put at N12,400,979,524.00.

The Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mrs. Olivia Dazem, said that the budget was born out of the need to complete existing projects before the exit of the present administration.

She said, "In view of the need to meet additional developmental efforts of the present administration in project execution, a supplementary budget in respect of some ministries, agencies and departments have become very necessary."

Busted! Tonto Dikeh bought her Facebook likes

Tonto Dikeh

LMAO some celebs be like...

So yesterday, Tonto Dikeh boasted about her online strength, saying she got 1.2m likes on her personal Facebook fan page which she opened just 4 days ago and it has even being verified.

A reader of Ladun Liadi's blog just exposed the actress's fraud with a Facebook proof showing that Tonto had only 30 likes from Nigeria, 4 from Ghana and the rest were bought. (Oops!) See the proof below...

Well it's being long since Tonto Dikeh made the news so... Congrats to her!

Boko Haram members who surrendered will not be prosecuted

Boko Haram members who surrendered their arms and weapons to Nigerian troops last week would not be prosecuted, instead they would be de-radicalised and rehabilitated back to the society, The Federal Government has said.

Speaking on their fate during a press conference, in Abuja, the Coordinator of National Information Centre, NIC, Mr Mike Omeri said there were measures in the counter-terrorism document launched by government and it would be strictly followed.

According to him, those who surrendered will be taken thorough the process of de-radicalisation and rehabilitation, while those who refused will surely be dealt with.

"Those terrorist who surrendered their arms and embraces peace will undergo the process of de-radicalisation and rehabilitation. So that they will be admitted into society and given the opportunity to also continue contributing their own quota to the development of this country.

"But to those who insist on carrying arms against their country's, against their fellow citizens, will have themselves to blame.

"I want to urge citizens to be steadfast in their support to our service men and women; we are working hard, day and night, to ensure that we put terrorism behind us in Nigeria.

"The army forces have found the winning strategies, and they will not go back in making sure the adequate security is provided, for every single Nigerian," he assured.

It would be recalled that following the killing of their commander who had being claiming to be the late Abubakar Shekau, over 200 Boko Haram members surrendered themselves and their weapons to Nigerian troops, and pleaded for mercy.

Boko Haram released one kidnapped Chibok girl but she is pregnant

The abducted "Chibok girl" released on Wednesday is "pregnant and mentally ill," the National Chairman of Chibok Community Development Association, Dr. Pogu Bitrus, has told TheCable.

Earlier on Thursday, the police revealed that the 20-year-old girl was abandoned by suspected terrorists at Mubi in Adamawa State, from where she was picked up. It also confirmed that she was one of the female pupils of Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, abducted in April by Boko Haram.

However, Bitrus said it was still uncertain if the girl was from Chibok because her name did not correspond with any of the names in the records of the girls that were captured by Boko Haram on April 14.

"I was speaking Kibaku to her, but she did not respond; she was incoherent. She may be having mental issues as a result of trauma," he said.

Bitrus added that preliminary tests – still not definitive – indicated that the girl is pregnant.

He added, "When she was picked up, she was taken to a clinic, not a standard hospital, and tests were carried out on her.

"From the tests, it was said she is pregnant, but that is still in the speculative domain because a qualified medical doctor has not confirmed that she is pregnant.

"However, we are still trying to establish if really she is from Chibok, because from our sources, the last name of the released girl does not tally with the surname of the person bearing the first name of the released girl captured in our records and whose father is a carpenter at Chibok. So, we are still trying to work out every detail."

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nadia Buari’s romantic birthday message to Jim Iyke

Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke clocked 38 today and his lover, Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari took time to write him a romantic birthday message.

"My Skitt..The one who knows the song in my heart & can sing it back to me when I've forgotten the words. U were created with a purpose & a specific set of gifts & talents to contribute to this world..to brighten it & make the difference that only u can make..! HBD Soldier..! *BFF's until we're too old to remember wat BFF even means*" she wrote.

A super excited Jim also wished himself a happy birthday.

"This man has climbed the #EiffelTower. Surmounted #MtEverest. Crossed the #IndianOcean. Rescued the #DamesOfDamascus. Held counsel wiv #KingSolomon. Designed the #10thWonderOfTheWorld. Sired two sets of #Quadruplets. Pulled a train for five miles unaided. Broke the jaw of a lion wiv a single #UpperCut. Championed the cause of the downtrodden. Survived #Ebola. Yeah,God saw him thru it all!!What else is out there? Thank u y'all! I made it! God is love. #Godson #Unbreakable #EverGratefulLord #JustBlessed. Happy birthday to my fav person in this whole world. #PrivateTinz #Dubai #Maldives let's go!"

Senate approves President Jonathan’s $1billion loan request to fight Boko Haram

The Senate today approved President Goodluck Jonathan's request of $1billion external loan to fight the ongoing insurgency in the country.

The loan will be used for the purchase of military hardware and the training of military personnel.

The loan approved will be in addition to the N968.127bn voted for Defence in the 2014 budget by the federal government.

Supposed photos of 'Abubakar Shekau' when he was captured and killed

This is the supposed photo of Boko Haram commander, Mohammed Bashir, who has been impersonating the late sect leader, Abubakar Shekau immediately after the was captured by Nigerian troops last week.

Below is the photo of him after he was killed.

Akon's brother names Wizkid 'King of Nigeria', See Davido's cousin's reaction

Wizkid's latest album (Ayo)

Akon's brother and top music exec, Bu Thiam, posted Wizkid's latest album (Ayo) art on his instagram page and described him as 'the king of Nigeria'.

Davido's cousin, Sinarambo found it so hilarious that he couldn't help but react by commenting "Lmao!!!" on the post.

It's probably nothing, but, we all know there is this rivalry between Davido and Wizkid.

So, Dear Sinarambo, please let sleeping dogs lie!

Shekau's Death: Next Boko Haram leader would be killed - DHQ warns as 268 terrorists surrender to Nigerian troops

Major General Chris Olukolade

Following the death of Boko Haram commander, Mohammed Bashir, who has been impersonating the late sect leader, Abubakar Shekau in videos, the Defence Headquarters, DHQ, has warned that any other person or leader who emerges using the name 'Shekau' will receive the same treatment.

Bashir was killed on September 17, by Nigerian soldiers.

The warning was made just as 135 members of the terrorist group have surrendered to troops in Biu, Mairiga-Buni Yadi as well as Mubi-Michika towns.

Briefing the media on current developments in the Counter Terrorism Campaign yesterday, Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade said, "Since the name Shekau has become a brand name for the terrorists leader, the Nigerian military remains resolute to serve justice to anyone who assumes that designation or title as well as all terrorists that seek to violate the freedom and territory of Nigeria".

Disclosing that many of the insurgents have been surrendering to the Nigerian troops, Olukolade said, "A total of 135 terrorists on Tuesday evening surrendered with equipment, to troops around Biu local government area. A group of 88 submitted themselves at Mairiga-BuniYadi while another group of 45 terrorists were taken in, around Mubi-Michika. They are all being interrogated and processed in conformity with the dictates of standard best practices ".

Explaining how the operation was going on, General Olukolade said, "Nigerian troops have been conducting coordinated air and land operations in furtherance of efforts at containing the terrorists in the North East part of the country".

"Somehow, it became apparent that the terrorists in continuation of their campaign of terror were determined to take over communities around Maiduguri which is their prime target. There was therefore the need to ensure that communities such as Konduga were protected".

"It is noteworthy that the terrorists made not less than four attempts between 12 and 17 September 2014 to violate the security and enter Konduga to perpetrate their atrocities. Air and land forces were subsequently deployed to handle the situation".

"The convoy of combat vehicles typical of terrorists' mission that involves their top commanders were fiercely engaged by the land and air forces. Several of the terrorists including some of their commanders lost their lives in the encounters which lasted an average of about 5 hours each. The troops captured some of the terrorists and their equipment".

"In the course of those encounters, one Mohammed Bashir who has been acting or posing on videos as the deceased Abubakar Shekau, the eccentric character known as leader of the group died".

On the true position of the Chibok girls presently, the DDI said all efforts were still ongoing to secure the release of the girls noting that the military will not relent until the girls are secured.

Asked to comment on allegations by Cameroonian military authorities that they were responsible for the death of the imposter Shekau, Olukolade said, "To the best of our knowledge, we can say categorically that no foreign force of any type penetrated our country's borders up to Konduga which is just about 35 kilometers to Maiduguri".

On the situation in Bama and Gwoza, the DDI said, "I want to repeat what the Defence headquarters have been saying all along. We have not conceded any part of this country and we won't do so. All these areas still remain part and parcel of our operational areas and the operation is still ongoing".

On why Nigerian troops were now having upper hand over the terrorists in the battle, Olukolade said, "Training and more training has been going on; equipment and more equipment has been coming in. It will keep coming in. There is also a new resolve to deal with all these nonsense once and for all".

(The above photo shows 50 Boko Haram members who were arrested while hiding underneath the truck carrying sheeps and goats during a routine check)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

South Africa’s first gay-friendly mosque may be shut down

South Africa's first gay-friendly mosque, which also allows Christian worshippers and women to lead prayers, could be closed unless it complies with municipal laws, an official said on Wednesday.

The city council says the founder of the mosque, Muslim academic Taj Hargey did not submit the necessary paperwork to convert the building from a warehouse to a place of worship.

But Hargey denounced the threat which he said was based on a "vindictive" campaign being waged by his opponents.

City council officials are "only acting like this because they are under pressure from the Muslim clergy," he said.

"This is a vindictive complaint by Muslim members of the city council, telling the city that we are supposedly violating by-laws," said Hargey.

A councillor, Ganief Hendricks said such an application would take up to five months to be processed, adding the mosque had little chance of getting approval because of safety concerns.

"The premises is just not suitable for a mosque," he told AFP.

"You have two panel-beating workshops next to the mosque, and they do spray painting, so you can imagine the fumes going into the place with 300 worshippers, it's a problem," he said.

He said parking was another issue.

"There's no parking space at the premises, not even one parking bay, so it's highly unlikely that the city will approve the change of use," Hendricks told AFP.

"My recommendation to them is to find another place."

But Hargey said the mosque had enough parking space for its congregation of around 100 followers.

He said the mosque was holding regular prayers and scoffed at suggestions by Hendricks that the mosque had closed just two hours after it opened last Friday.

"We never closed the mosque. I am speaking from inside the mosque," said Hargey. "I have been praying today, it's not under lock and key. The open mosque is open."

He said he would comply with the order to submit his papers to the city by the October 23 deadline.

The mosque, which welcomes gay people, Christians, and treats women equally to men, opened peacefully in Cape Town last Friday despite threats of violence.

Hargey has described his mosque as a "religious revolution" following on from the political revolution led by late former president Nelson Mandela when democracy replaced apartheid rule in South Africa in 1994.

There are around 737,000 Muslims in South Africa, equivalent to 1.5 percent of the population, according to figures from the Pew Research Centre.

Amber Rose files for divorce from Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Amber Rose has filed for divorce from rapper Wiz Khalifa after just one year of being married. According to TMZ who broke the news she is gunning for full custody of their kid.

In the divorce docs obtained by TMZ Amber says they split on Monday and cites irreconcilable differences. Amber who is asking for full legal and physical custody of their 1-year-old son Sebastian is willing to give Wiz visitation.

Amber acknowledges there is  a prenup, which you would think would work in Wiz' favor, but she says it's valid. Presumably, she's not challenging it. The docs say the prenup provides spousal support.

There split may be unconnected to a buzz over the last few days of infidelity, but there's no mention of it in the papers.

Sources connected with the couple say the split is bitter.

President Jonathan and Vice President Sambo ineligible to re-contest - Court asked to declare

President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo

Two politicians, Adejumo Ajagbe and Olatoye Wahab, have filed a suit before the Federal High Court in Abuja seeking to stop President Goodluck Jonathan and his vice, Namadi Sambo, from re-contesting in 2015.

They argued that by the virtue of constitutional provisions, the President and the Vice President elected in the same election and sworn into office on the same date and ceremony are taken to have been elected for one single term of four years notwithstanding the death or the impeachment of any of them.

The two plaintiffs, who engaged four Senior Advocates of Nigeria, joined the Independent National Electoral Commission and the Attorney General of the Federation as the defendants.

The SANs engaged by the plaintiffs are James Ocholi, A. J. Owonikoko, Okon Efut and Mahmud Magaji.

Relying on the provisions of sections 132(1), 135(2)(a) and (b), 137(1)(b), 142(1) and (2) of the Constitution and the Supreme Court decisions, the lawyers are seeking an order restraining INEC and the AGF from allowing Jonathan and Sambo to seeking re-election for their respective offices in 2015.

The plaintiffs argue that by the virtue of the oaths taken by Jonathan and Sambo following the death of President Umaru Yar'adua in 2010 and their subsequent re-election in 2011, both of them were deemed to have completed the two terms allowed by law.

The suit marked, FHC/ABJ/CS/662/2014, has been assigned to Justice Ahmed Mohammed but the two defendants have yet to respond to it.

Ajagbe, who claimed to be a member of the Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State, and Wahab, a member of the All Progressives Congress in Ogun State, said they were presidential aspirants whose interest would be jeopardized if both Jonathan and Sambo were not barred.

Their statement of claim read in part, "That being so, the reference to 'two previous elections' in Section 137(1)(b) of the Constitution includes two previous oath of allegiance and oath of office as President.

"It is therefore safe to conclude that a Vice President, who had taken the oath of allegiance and oath of office for two previous terms as President is, in law, deemed to have been elected into the office of President at two previous elections, thereby standing disqualified to contest another election into that office."

They raised five questions for the court's determination and are seeking seven reliefs, including an order of perpetual injunction, restraining the AGF and INEC from accepting as candidate in the 2015 presidential election anybody caught by "two previous election limit and eight year term limit."

One of the questions they raised for determination read, "Whether a general election could be held into the office of the President when the incumbent President will only have spent a cumulative period of six years in office so that his re-election will be for no more than two additional years having regard to the time expressly specified for holding of general election to the office of President under Section 132(2) of the Constitution and the maximum term allowed any person under Section 135 of the Constitution."

They also sought the following prayers, "A declaration that by the provisions of Section 135(1)(2) and (2a) of the Constitution, any person holding the office of the President cannot continued to act in that capacity for a period exceeding eight years from the date he/she first took or is deemed to have first taken the oath of allegiance and oath of office, with the exception of the provision of Section 135(3) of the Constitution.

"A declaration that a general election cannot be due to be held when the incumbent President will only have spent a cumulative period of six years in office so that his re-election will be for no more than two additional years having regard to the time expressly specified for holding of general election to the office of President under Section 132 (2) of the Constitution and the maximum term allowed any person under Section 135 of the Constitution.

"A declaration that the 1st defendant (AGF) cannot lawfully advise the 2nd defendant (INEC) to accept as candidate for election to the office of the President, an aspirant who is caught by two previous elections limit and the eight-year term limit in the 2015 elections or any subsequent presidential election."

Incidentally, the suit was filed on September 19, the same day, three other plaintiffs, Mase Acho, Saeeq Sarki (both lawyers) and Murtala Abubakar, jointly filed a similar suit before the same court seeking a declaration that President Jonathan and Sambo were ineligible to re-contest.

50 Boko Haram members arrested in Borno state

50 fleeing members of the Boko Haram sect who were hiding under a truck heading towards Gombe were arrested by Military operatives in Biu local government area of Borno state.

According to the security source who disclosed this to Vanguard correspondent, some vigilante youth in Biu suspected the truck carrying sheeps and goats at the top, they stopped the truck for routine check and discovered 50 young men hiding underneath.

The suspects according to the security source confessed to being fighters of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram who are on the run following the killing of their leader in a battle at Konduga town of Konduga local government area of Borno state last week.

He said, the suspects who were pleading for mercy also promised to cooperate with security operatives by giving them useful information on the whereabout of other sect members on the run as well as other group holding the Chibok girls.

He said, most of the suspects were between the aged of 18 and 25 and speaks Kanuri and Hausa, adding that they also revealed places they have fought jihad, which include Bama and Konduga where they were overwhelmed by the military and disbanned following the killing of their leader, Shiekh Abubakar Shekau.

Photos: Peter Okoye and wife gush about their 6-year-old son Cameron

Peter and Lola Okoye's son Cameron Okoye, turned six yesterday and his excited parents took to social media to gush about how much they adore him.

His mum, Lola Omotayo wrote "Happy 6th Birthday to our wonderful son Cameron-Jayden Okoye! Our Mr. Intelligent. You are truly a blessing from God Almighty. May God continue to bless and protect you, may you continue to bring us joy all the days of our lives. May you grow to see many many more beautiful years, I wish you long life, good health, happiness and peace of mind now and always. Have a super duper birthday. Mama loves you to bits."

While Peter Okoye shared his two favourite photos of them with the caption "Thanks for being the loving Son I could never be to my Parents… HAPPY BDAY CAMERON! #6yrs"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Photos: Women protest half naked against Kaduna state governor

Angry Fadan Karshi women in Sanga local government in Kaduna state yesterday protested half naked when the governor of the state, Mukhtar Yero, came to pay them a condolence visit.

According to the indigene of the state who sent the photos to SaharaReporters, the women are grieved by the governor's negligence and poor leadership. Since March, over 1000 people have been killed in the area and neighboring villages by terrorists and the governor never came to see them until yesterday.

According to the indigene, all attempts by some prominent politicians to dampen the protest fell on deaf ears as the women said the governor was on a political campaign and not making condolence visits.