Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cameroon military capture Boko Haram’s top commander, Abakar Ali

Cameroonian soldiers have captured one of the top commanders of Boko Haram, Abakar Ali. According to reports, the Cameroonian army also seized a huge cache of arms and ammunition from the Islamist militants during the operation.

Abakar Ali who also goes by name "Mustapher Umar" according to SaharaReporters, was caught with 5 machine guns, 14 rifles, 24 rockets, 4 rocket launchers, 6 Kalashnikovs, 60 Kalashnikovs magazines, 4 automatic pistols , over 500 9mm ammunition, 469 12.7mm ammunition, 4,454 7.62 mm ammunition, 1,491 5.56 mm ammunition, 822 ammunition of 7.62 mm, 6 grenades, 28 rocket launcher chargers and other weaponized accesories like pincers, tweezers and knives.

A mid-level Nigerian military officer, who is serving with a multi-national force that operates around the Nigeria-Cameroon border, revealed the information to SaharaReporters via telephone. He disclosed that Cameroonian soldiers nabbed Mr. Ali along with two other Boko Haram fighters in Kousseri, a town in northern Cameroon.

He described Ali as the insurgent commander who has been leading the Islamist sect's attacks around the border towns between Nigeria and Cameroon. He added that the arrested insurgent shuttled between various Boko Haram camps in the area and organized deadly attacks that targeted mostly civilians.

The Nigerian officer stated that the Cameroonian military was expected to share intelligence with their Nigerian counterparts regarding any confessions made by the captured terrorist during interrogation. He added that Nigerian security agencies are likely to learn more about Mr. Ali's linkages with others in Boko Haram's cells in Nigeria's northeast area.

Source: Sahara Reporters

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