Friday, September 5, 2014

Mbong Amata shares tips on how she got rid of acne (pimples)

Its sounds unbelievable but Mbong Amata never had a smooth face from the onset. According to her, there was a time her face was almost ruined by acne (pimples). The actress took to Instagram to share tips, how she got rid of acne.

"The road to success, they say it's a slow and painful one and I am a living testimony to that saying… I wake up everyday feeling inspired by life itself before anything else. So I decided to share a never before seen or heard story of my life via pictures hoping to inspire one person at the very least.

The photo you see is me almost 2years ago and people who really know me will understand my struggle with acne for the most part of my adult life. At this point, I was in a very dark place. Depression kicked.

Everything that seemed bad was happening to me all at the same time. I felt I was cursed! I spent thousands of dollars trying to clear my skin. Yep! U heard right. In fact there was nothing I didn't try out... Darlings, my story is different today because God rewrote the story of life not just my skin. Lol! I found the joy and benefits of workout and clean eats!

I made sure I kept a photo diary of my daily struggle so one day when I feel comfortable enough to talk about it; I would have photographic evidence to at least share with you my friends. Believe me when I tell you that it was bad. These babies looked very juicy and well fed! Lol! The more I tried the more I was attacked.

Sometimes, we really have to let go and Let God. Just do your part and let him zoom in on you. Today, when I get compliments like "oh wow! You've got great skin" I simply laugh, say thanks and then say a bigger THANK YOU to God! Now I can conveniently and comfortably go about my dailies without makeup.. Because I mean I think I've earned the right to say I make makeup look good and not the other way around. Morale of the story:

Trust God first, put in some effort and watch your struggles roll over. It doesn't come easy but it surely does come around.

WaitForIt!!! #Taaadaah!!! There! You have it!! Recommended daily. #beets #grapes #carrot #aloe vera #banana #apples And the easy part!… #workout. It starts from the kitchen then from the inside. It works people. If you failed the first time, how about trying again? Ooops!

I'm done and I hope at least one
person was touched by my story. Go out there and be who you want to be! And yea..Show some kindness and love"

So there you have it. Mbong Amata's tips on how to get rid of pimples and have smooth face.

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