Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pastor T.B Joshua says his miracles are real

Pastor T.B Joshua

Following the collapse of a building inside his Synagogue church premises that killed over 115 people, Pastor T.B Joshua has come under severe criticisms, with some people alleging that his miracles are not real.

Yesterday, a South African journalist published a report where he rubbished all the miracles that supposedly happens at the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

"I challenged the pilgrims to provide me with medical proof that they had been healed. None did." Journalist Jacques Pauw wrote.

In a statement released through the church's official Facebook page, Joshua claimed that all his miracles were performed before the church audience and were broadcast live through the SCOAN's Emmanuel TV. Read their statement below...

The SCOAN released a public statement yesterday, September 26, 2014 regarding a false story published in The Vanguard Newspaper, "Synagogue: We Sealed Off Building Before Collapse – LSBCA" which was a total fabrication intended to divert people's attention from the issue at hand. The writer needs to be investigated concerning the building collapse.

To our surprise, a cover story with even greater fabrications was published today, September 27, 2014 in The Saturday Vanguard, "Are T.B. Joshua's Miracles Real?" The writer(s) fabricated names of people who do not exist and remained nameless and faceless in order to hide their evil intentions. They need to be investigated.

It is our belief that these stories were intended to divert people's attention from the evil that has been done. Those involved in these stories need to be investigated concerning the building collapse. If they are not directly involved, they will help the investigation. If they are not the ones who did it, they know those who did. Perhaps, they were involved in the building collapse because they claim what is happening in The SCOAN is fake. They are suspect.

Please note, all of The SCOAN services are public and broadcast live on Emmanuel TV.

Do not be misled and diverted from the truth. No matter how long a lie is sustained, the truth will someday prevail. Jesus is the Truth.

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