Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pastor T.B Joshua says a 'strange aircraft' targeted at him caused his Synagogue church guest house to collapse

Pastor T.B Joshua

Pastor T.B Joshua has linked the collapse of an uncompleted Guest House owned by his church to a "strange aircraft" which he said hovered around the building for over 30 minutes before its collapse. He further revealed that he was the target of the attack.

While briefing journalists on Saturday, the Founder and General Overseer of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, played a CCTV footage of a flying aircraft to back his claim.

In the footage, a plane was seen flying over the collapsed guest house at four different times on Friday morning - 11: 30 a.m, 11: 43 a.m, 11:45 a.m and 11: 54 a.m – the building collapsed at 12:44 p.m Friday afternoon.

"Immediately I left the prayer room (which is a 10-minute drive form the church) for the church, I got a call that a jet was hovering over the prayer room but as I finished bathing and moved to the prayer room, I got another call that the jet has moved to the church and that was it.

"Members cannot be the target, the easier way to stop this church is to get the head and from my explanation, you know the truth,. Service will hold tomorrow and I will state my position tomorrow in service, you can watch it live on Emmanuel TV,"

He also apologized to the press for the hostile treatment of journalists by members of his church.

"We are very sorry on their behalf, Our members are not hostile. The Bible is our standard. Even the Bible today, without the press, it cannot be accessible to many. Our members have respect for the press. When we fight the press, we are fighting Emmanuel TV. They value you people." he stated.

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