Sunday, September 21, 2014

The condoms in Uganda are too small for our sexual organs - Ugandan men cry out

Ugandan men are urgently crying out to their government over the size of condoms being provided in the country. According to them the size of the condoms are "too short for their sexual organs,".

According to reports, the small size of the condoms often leads to increased pressure during sex, which tends to cause the condoms to unexpectedly burst, thus providing inadequate protection against HIV.

It was also discovered that most of the men were already practising flesh to flesh when there was no option of bigger condoms.

"Some youths are complaining that the condoms they are being given are too short. Their organs can't fit in them," one of Uganda's parliamentary committee for HIV/Aids said.

About 80,000 people in Uganda die every year from HIV. Condoms are seen as an imperative means of battling the disease, and so the government is taking the complaints about the condoms very seriously, and is seeking a lasting solution to the issue.

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