Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thinking Out Loud: Does President Goodluck Jonathan truly deserve a 2nd term

President Goodluck Jonathan

2015 election is fast approaching and various groups have started endorsing President Goodluck Jonathan as the right man to rule Nigeria. Some people have even threatened to cause havoc in the country if Jonathan refuses to run in the 2015 election or if he is not re-elected.

Now taking a look at President Goodluck Jonathan's achievements in the economic, agricultural and power sector, and also his failures in security, education and health sector, Do you think President Goodluck Jonathan truly deserve to be re-elected in 2015?


  1. Either he deserves it or not he'll enter bcos the opposition party does not av a candidate dat can compete with Goodluck Jonathan. Almost everybody in d APC wants to be d president; Buhari, Atiku,
    Kwakwanso, Tinubu, and Tambuwal wants to be the president.... Unlike d PDP they've come to a unanimous decision dat GEJ shuld be their sole candidate. This simply means dat d unity among d members of d PDP is higher dan dat of d APC who will soonest av diff factions of supporters.


  2. Only a man with his brain filled will shit will say yes to a president who his absolutely clueless, a rogue and has brought shame to Nigeria.


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