Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thinking Out Loud: There will be chaos in Nigeria if President Jonathan is declared ineligible to re-contest

During the week, two politicians filed a suit before the Federal High Court in Abuja seeking to stop President Goodluck Jonathan and his vice, Namadi Sambo, from re-contesting in 2015.

They argued that by the virtue of constitutional provisions, the President and the Vice President elected in the same election and sworn into office on the same date and ceremony are taken to have been elected for one single term of four years notwithstanding the death or the impeachment of any of them.

The plaintiffs argue that by the virtue of the oaths taken by Jonathan and Sambo following the death of President Umaru Yar'adua in 2010 and their subsequent re-election in 2011, both of them have completed the two terms allowed by law so they are ineligible to contest in 2015.

Taking a look at their arguement, i think they are right, President Jonathan may be ineligible to re-contest, but that is something the court will determine.

If you've being following Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria, TAN's Pro-Jonathan rallies, you'll notice the massive number of people who support Jonathan's re-election in 2015 and you may agree with my thought that there will be chaos in Nigeria if Jonathan is declared ineligible to re-contest.

Lets not forget that some individuals and groups have even threatened to cause havoc if Jonathan refuses to contest. Niger Delta Activist and ex-militant, Asari Dokubo went as far as saying Jonathan will be president in 2015 whether he contests or not, else there will be bloodshed.

Do you disagree or agree with me? Let me know by leaving a comment. Feel free to share your own thoughts.

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