Monday, October 6, 2014

BBA Hotshots: Nhlanhla and JJ establish business-inspired relationship

Nhlanhla and JJ

Nhlanhla and JJ have established a business-inspired relationship. The housemates were seated next to each other while executing their different tasks (all housemates were tasked to design a poster that captures their talent) when a conversation between them became intense.

They spoke about their individual careers and hopes for the future. While speaking on JJ's career of acting, they both agreed that it was demanding and required one to be passionate and devoted in the art.

They continued motivating each other with JJ saying that Nhlanhla should definitely pursue his law degree as he was still fairly young. Upon JJ sharing his interest and background in farming, Nhlanhla exclaimed that he and JJ were meant to meet, insinuating that they will partner up in future projects.

Nhlanhla also shared that he has a passion for farming, and not just for the present moment but sustainably for the future as well.

The conversation went on to healthy eating and the politics of having a leadership that enforces laws to ensure that suppliers produce foods that don't carry any kind of poisoning.

With these two establishing a business-inspired relationship, could it result in a formidable alliance against the other housemates? Or will it distract the both of them from their strategies if any? Will the conversation they had come up again and develop soon?

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