Thursday, October 23, 2014

Boko Haram abducts 60 women in Adamawa

60 women were reportedly abducted by suspected members of the islamic terror sect, Boko Haram at Waga Mangoro and Garta villages, both in Adamawa State, during a fresh attack.

40 of the women were said to have been abducted in Waga Mangoro and the other 20 were abducted from Grata.

Fleeing residents who said they were able to sneak out of the captured towns on Tuesday, disclosed that their villages were ravaged on Saturday.

One of those that was about to flee the area, Tizhe Kwada told journalists that the area had been under the control of the insurgents for about two months now.

He said that though one of the attacked towns, Garta had been under what could be termed as the control of the insurgents for sometimes now, but that did not stop them from overrunning it and carting away the young women.

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