Sunday, October 12, 2014

Juliet Ibrahim says she still plans on marrying again after bitter divorce

Ghollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim, says she still plans to get married after ending her four-year-old marriage with Kwadwo Safo.

The actress was recently seen on location of a movie produced by Chioma Okoye starring Harry B, Ebele Okaro, Frederick Leonard, Daniel Lloyd, Nkiru Umeh and some other people.

Read excerpt from her exclusive interview with Potpourri below...

Have you ever had a crush on any actor you've worked with?
Not yet. I wouldn't mind working with Chris Brown, that's the only one I know I have a crush on.

What was your relationship like with I.K Ogbonna?
He's just a colleague.

What attracts you to a man?
For me, it's always personality; how he treats me, how he talks to me, and how he behaves around people. You can always tell how a man is going to treat you by how he behaves towards other people.

You've left your husband now, are you still planning to marry again?
Definitely, someday probably, but right now I'm just focusing on my work and upbringing of my son.

How do you feel being one of the prettiest actresses is Africa?
Who said so? I'm not the prettiest; there was some kind of nomination like that 'Most Beautiful Woman in West Africa'.  I woke up one morning and I saw that thing and I was happy about it, I was like "ah, so I'm the hottest and prettiest West African woman" It felt great that somebody could actually just sit down and among so many other women in Nollywood and Ghana movie industry, chose me as the prettiest.

It's not easy because I'm a mom as well. Keeping in shape has been hard. It must go beyond the looks and my figure, I guess my soul, my humanitarian works and things I do made me beautiful in their eyes.

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