Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Keshi throws shot at Nigeria, says Nigeria is not a serious football country

Former Super Eagles coach who was recently relieved of his job, Stephen Keshi threw a shot at Nigeria in a chat with ESPN football pundit, Colin Udoh.

Keshi said Nigeria should stop seing itself as a serious football nation. According to him the country does not "even have good training pitches for the national team".

"How many good pitches do we have in this country? We say we are a football nation and we don't even have good training pitches for the national team, or good field to play on. Instead, there are artificial pitches everywhere, even the new Stadium in Uyo, it was when I heard from the governor that they wanted to use artificial pitch that I had to shout and tell him no way. That is how they used natural grass pitch there. But why should I be the one to say it? Where are the journalists?"

The big boss also said he is happy with the achievements he recorded as Nigeria's coach.

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