Monday, October 6, 2014

LET'S TALK: Is it right for Christians to eat Sallah meat?

On Friday, i was talking to a (Christian) friend over the phone and she asked me if i do eat Sallah meat. I said yes i do eat it. And she was like God forbid! I wasn't surprised but i asked why not? She was like: its bad, very bad bla bla bla.

That's not the first time i'm hearing someone say it's bad for Christians to eat "Eran Ileya" (Sallah Meat). But really, is it bad? I want you guys to share your opinion on this matter.

Do you think it is bad for Christians to eat Sallah meat? If yes, why? if no, why? Share your thoughts. Also, invite your friends to join the discussion.

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