Monday, October 13, 2014

Military arrests soldiers for leaking strategies and tactics to Boko Haram

Some soldiers have been arrested for leaking security information on the troops' strategies and tactics to Boko Haram leading to a series of ambush and killing of over 30 Nigerian soldiers in recent times.

Most of the arrested soldiers, according to Vanguard, serve as orderlies or aide-de-camps, ADCs to Commanders of Troops on the field.

It was gathered that the alleged moles among the soldiers leaked the information on the deployment of soldiers from Maimalari Barracks in April this year to the terrorists which led to an ambush and killing of so many soldiers of the 101 Battalion that consequently led to soldiers' mutiny and the shooting at the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 7 Division, Major General Ahmed Mohammed. His armoured official car saved his life.

A reliable source told Vanguard that Commanders on the field had for long wondered how information on strategies for deployment, type of weaponry and fall back tactics easily filtered out to the terrorists to the extent that soldiers' movement, timing of deployment, and routes to take, became known to Boko Haram insurgents. "But at last, the moles were found out to be some of the orderlies and aides of Commanders."

Already, the source noted that a Board of Inquiry (BOI) has been set up to carry out further investigations into the activities of the traitors and to try to find out if there were fellow fifth columnists still existing among the troops, after which a General Court Martial will be constituted to try the soldiers for Criminal Conspiracy among others.

Source: Vanguard

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