Friday, October 24, 2014

Photo: Baby boy born holding holy Qur’an in Ibadan

A baby was born recently in Oniyanrin area of Ibadan, Oyo state clutching a pocket-size Qur'an in his left hand.

According to a renowned Islamic preacher based in Ibadan, Dr Dawood Amoo, the baby boy named Ismail is unique as the said mini Qur'an he was born with contained all the 114 chapters in the holy book. He said although the Qur'an was small, the lettering inside was readable.

Jelilah, the elated mother of the baby, said since September, when the baby was born, nobody could take the Qur'an away from him, as he would be restless until he clutched it.

The father of the baby, identified simply as Semiu, said he thanked Allah for the blessings, saying it was an indication that Allah wanted them back in the fold of Islam.

Source: Nigerian Tribune

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