Monday, November 10, 2014

Atiku says Nigeria under President Jonathan is seriously sick

Former vice president and APC presidential aspirant, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has condemned the federal government under the leadership of Goodluck Jonathan saying it policies have no direct benefit on the average Nigerians.

Atiku who noted that most of the policies being implemented by Jonathan was bringing untold hardship on the people, said Nigeria under the President Jonathan was seriously sick and that the country needed a surgical operation.

The presidential aspirant spoke at Ire Ekiti over the weekend while commissioning of the multi-million naira 32-bed hospital built by Hon Bimbo Daramola , a member representing Oye, Ikole Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives.

"Certainly, Nigeria is not healthy. When you look at the economy and insecurity in the country, you will know that certainly, Nigeria is not healthy.

"The only thing that can salvage Nigeria's situation is to seize the opportunity to bring about a change by voting in APC."

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  1. President GEJ wake up from your slumber and be the president you are elected to be.
    The Governments inaction and lip service in the fight against the insurgents has cost us a lot as a nation, Change and a peaceful nation is all we ask for.
    May the soul of the young students whose lives, aspirations and dreams were cut short yesterday by the boko haram insurgents Rest in God's peace. Amen..
    #peace. #ANigeriaForAll


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