Monday, November 17, 2014

Emir of Kano advises Nigerians to arm themselves against Boko Haram

The Emir of Kano, Muhammed Sanusi II, has advised Nigerians not to wait for help from the military but they should "acquire what they need" to protect themselves.

"People should not sit idle and say prayer is the only solution. People should be made aware of the importance of being in a state of preparedness and make sure they acquire what they need to protect themselves. We should be ready to give our lives."

"People must not assume that the crisis will not reach their area,"

"If it comes, we are asking God to give us fortitude, but if He wishes to take martyrs from amongst us, we should be ready to give our lives.

"People must not wait for soldiers to protect them. There are even instances where soldiers on ground ran away in the face of attack," he said.

The Former CBN governor made the call while making the closing remarks at the weekly recitation of the Holy Qu'ran as part of prayers for peace in the country.

Meanwhile a police spokesman, Emmanuel Ojukwu said the Emir's comments were a "call for anarchy" and should not be acted on.

He said "Any call for citizens to arm themselves is a call for anarchy and lawlessness. And this is not allowed under our laws. Such a call should be disregarded. The police [force] is living up to its duty to protect lives and property."

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