Sunday, November 16, 2014

I am human and I have my fears too - Pastor E.A Adeboye shocks members with his encounter(s) with death

The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye recently shocked members when he declared that he was susceptible to fear, including other human weaknesses.

Ministering at the November monthly Holy Ghost Service with the theme: 'Great Expectations', Daddy G.O. as he is fondly called, revealed how he was gripped with the fear of death during one of his numerous trips outside the country.

In his words: "Contrary to what many of you may think I am human and I have my fears too. There were times I have had cause to fear and doubt because I am human but God always ended up disappointing my fears and doubts.

"In one of my trips with the then Nigeria Airways, the pilot had announced, when we were already airborne, that there were indications that the plane would crash-land. Immediately the pilot made the announcement, I was afraid and as if that was not enough, he said there were expert fire fighters who would put out the fire when the plane crashes."

Continuing, Pastor Adeboye said: "Immediately I embarked on a quick run through my life just to be sure I was ready to meet my Maker. I also told God that I never knew this was how I would end my race. I was really afraid,"

Noting that there are some things that will happen to people that will make them to be really afraid, anointing or no anointing. Laughing over the situation which has become a testimony, Adeboye said the fear of death temporarily took over him and other passengers until God assured him that he was not going to die and that the situation occurred so that God can communicate with him.

"When God gave me that assurance that we will not die that He only wanted to have a conversation with me, I felt relaxed and as God would have it, the Lord took charge of the plane and we landed safely," he narrated.

In another related account, Pastor Adeboye explained that because of his previous experience which God took control of, he was not disturbed.

"In another of my travels, the pilot had announced that there would be a lot of storm at the arrival terminal going by the weather report. The implication is that there will be trouble while landing.

"When I heard that announcement I knew God was in charge. I took the little meal they served because I ride in economy; but the man that sat beside me could not eat. I asked why he was not eating and he replied: 'so you understand English; don't you hear what the pilot just said that there will be a lot of storm at landing because of the bad weather.'

"I said I heard." He was confused thinking what kind of human being is this? But he insisted he was not going to eat. So I offered to help with his food since I was still hungry and he freely gave me the food.

"I ate the food and slept off. God took charge. By the time we were about to land, the pilot announced to us that the weather forecast was wrong. We got down safely. I looked at the face of the man sitting beside me and he looked at my face and laughed. But then the Lord told me that the weather forecast was not wrong that He was the one who diverted the storm".

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