Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How Buhari will handle Boko Haram if elected in 2015

The vice-presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has stated that the Presidential candidate of the party, Gen. Muhammed Buhari will wipe out the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents and create jobs all over the country if elected in 2015.

Prof. Osinbajo who was responding to questions from some of his followers on social media, claimed that the Jonathan administration is unable to tame Boko Haram because of the corruption around the defence funds which has created a situation where soldiers are not well equipped and motivated.

"The current administration has politicised boko haram. The corruption around defence funds has created a situation where soldiers are not well equipped/motivated. GMB wiped out Maitatsine, another Islamic insurgency in his own administration by sincerely identifying the problem as a challenge to the authority of the state to maintain law and order. The administration took command and funded the military transparently and that's what we need to do now to end this insurgency."

On unemployment, he said the Buhari/Osinbajo administration if elected in 2015 will tackle the challenge by supporting every state to create 20,000 jobs, and also will pay a stipend to every youth corps members for a year while they are looking for employment.

"We expect every state will be supported to create 20,000 jobs directly funded. The FG will also match the creation that for every additional job created over 20,000 mark. FG will pay a stipend to every youth corper for a year while they are looking for employment and in that year will give vocational training. FG will undertake a massive public works programme; this is expected to have multiplier effect of producing hundreds of thousands of jobs. FG will give tax breaks and recognition to employers of labour who provide a certain minimum number of jobs".

The former Attorney General of Lagos state stated that the APC is different from the PDP because it is focused on policies that will impact the lives of the common man.

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