Sunday, December 14, 2014

Many times i have been tempted to cheat on my husband - Omotola Jalaide

Omotola Ekeinde and her family

Nollywood star actress, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde in a recent interview with Vanguard, admitted that sometimes she is tempted to cheat on her husband of over 17 years.

Omotola, who is blessed with four beautiful children, made the confession when asked 'if she had ever met men that she genuinely took a liking to, and was tempted to sacrifice her marital vows'. Read her answer below...

"Absolutely. I have been tempted many times to cheaton my husband by men I really liked. But when you think of what you stand to lose, the destruction of all you have labored to build, when you weigh all the options, you are left to conclude that it is not worth the trouble. I know some women will find this somewhat objectionable, but if they want to be truthful to themselves, they will agree with me that, as married women, we have all faced moments that I have just described." Omotola said

When sked Omotola if she receives material things from men who ran after her, Omotola said:

"Sure, I have received lots of goodies from my male admirers. I do not give anything in return. I always tell them that I am married and would not compromise my martial vows. If after making that point clear, they still continue to shower me with gifts, maybe believing that something will break in the future, then I cannot help them."

When asked if she feels emotionally detached to her husband as a result of many years of marriage, Omotola said yes, but she also said it's a normal thing for couples who have been together for a long time. She encouraged women to try something she calls 'temporary separation' to bring back the fire in their marriage.

"Of course, it has. Which married woman who has been with her husband for years will, in her true state, tell you that the feeling has remained the same as it was the first time or the first year she met her husband? It is bound to cool off. What I recommend to women is what I call "temporary separation." You will make yourself unavailable to your husband. Go somewhere, go on vacation with your friends, do something bold, lose weight, look different and, after weeks, come home, looking drop dead gorgeous, and I bet you, the fire of passion will be mightily rekindled and you will feel brand new again. I have applied this principle in my marriage and it has worked wonders." she said.

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