Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank You Note from David Awunor (me) to all DvNers (you) | 3 things you should do before 2014 finally ends


Today marks the end of this year, 2014. I want to take time to appreciate you for making this year a great one for me.

One of the major difference between i and other bloggers is; i have an amazing reader - YOU. You read my blog everyday, even when i fail to post regularly you still stick with me. You took time to subscribe to get my blog updates free via E-mail. You tell your friends to read my blog, Wow you are awesome!

Thank you. I'd have loved to mention your name in this post, but then you barely comment on posts. Don't tell me you are shy to share your opinion, C'mon you shouldn't be! Feel free to share your thoughts on news or entertainment updates. It's your thought, your opinion and that's what makes you unique.

In few hours time, we'll welcome the new year. I'm confident and i pray that the year 2015 shall be better than other years we've spent in our lives.

3 things you should do before 1st Jan, 2015.

1. Reflect over the year 2014.

Before the new year arrives, take time to reflect over the year. Look back, from January till this moment what have you done right and what have you done wrong. Where did you hit the nail and where did you miss it. After identifying this, think of how to make better what you did right and learn from what you did wrong.

2. Appreciate those who made 2014 for you.

Call that friend that put a smile on your face this year. Take time to reach out and appreciate those who made your year great. Also take time to personally appreciate God for his protection and provisions.

3. Set a SMART Goal for 2015.

Don't just wander into 2015 without a goal, not just a goal, but a SMART Goal. A SMART goal is a Specific Measurable Attainsble Realistic and Tangible goal.

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