Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nigeria set to launch "once and for all" attack on Boko Haram

The Nigerian military has reportedly finalised plans to conduct a 'once and for all comprehensive operation' towards the elimination of Boko Haram terrorists in the parts of North East to the boarders of neighbouring countries.

The decision to launch the attack, it was learnt, followed concerns over increasing manoeuvres of the terrorists laying claim to Nigeria's territories which international media and satellite images suggest that areas presently under Boko Haram occupation could already be as large as present-day Belgium.

PRNigeria, an online news platform with consultancy links with the security forces, disclosed, on Friday, that "political authorities which now feel so disturbed by the activities of the terrorists, especially after viewing the latest video release from the terror group which claimed that it already had enough weapons to take on Nigeria and its neighbours, have endorsed the military plan and expressed full support for it."

It was gathered that many of the newly acquired weaponry included tanks, long range and more sophisticated rifles, night vision equipment both for artillery and tanks usage as well as aircraft will be employed in the attack on Boko Haram.

About two battalions from the Chadian armed forces will launch their own attack from the Chadian side, it was gathered. And as the terrorists flee from the Nigerian onslaught, they are expected to meet their Waterloo in the hands of the Chadians.

Meanwhile, the Cameroon and Niger armed forces who have been put on the alert, will strike down the terrorists who may want to escape through Gamboru Ngala and such border towns.

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