Saturday, January 10, 2015

US says there are no signs that Nigeria will break up this year

The United States Government has said that there are no signs that Nigeria will disintegrate before, during or after the February general elections.

The US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. James Entwistle stated this in Lagos on Thursday, during an interactive session with select journalists on the recent donation of a US naval ship, christened, "NNS Okpabana" to the Nigerian Navy.

The US diplomat said, "I have been plagued by the question (on Nigeria's 2015 disintegration) and I have gone back to look and I can't find any government report that said Nigeria would disintegrate in 2015. Maybe some think-tank or somebody outside the government said it; I don't know.

"But in my opinion as the US Ambassador to this country, I am not worried in the least that Nigeria is going to disintegrate in 2015. Regardless of what someone may have said, the question is that we are now here in 2015: Do we see signs that Nigeria is going to disintegrate or fall apart or something? I don't know what you think. But I don't see those signs.

"But I see signs of growth, optimism and I see that to minimise the challenges that you have, in this life, you have to keep on keeping on, and I think the future is quite bright."

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