Sunday, February 8, 2015

Important Announcement for All DavidvsNaija Readers

With sadness in my heart i announce the discontinuation of this blog, DavidvsNaija from offering news and gossips.

When i created this blog a year ago and nine months ago, i never imagined that a blog created, designed and runned on a mobile phone would grow to this extent. You guys are simply the best readers one can ever have.

However, i created this blog with the aim of providing latest news and gossips but sadly i can no longer keep up with it due to some reasons.

Why I Am Discontinuing DavidvsNaija from Providing News and Gossips

1. It Consumes alot Time: Running this blog is so time consuming due the fact that i have to literally source for news and gossips every minute. The problem with that is right now i'm at a point in my life where i have to concentrate on my academics. I have tried juggling both academics and blogging but it's not working out, both are suffering.

2. Epileptic Power Supply: Since the beginning of this year i've been unstable in my blogging due to the poor power supplied in my area in Ibadan (I'm currently in Ibadan for some exams. I'm actually based in Abuja). Most times there is no light during the day, infact sometimes there is no light throughout the day. Often times power is supplied at night or very early in the morning (like around 2am). Since i have to spend much time online sourcing for news and gists, by afternoon my battery is already dead. Considering this situation, it is obvious i can not deliver "latest news and gossips" which is what this blog promises.

3. Lack of Funds: I run this blog with my personal money as it is not yet generating any revenue. Let me state clearly that my aim of creating this blog is not to make money but to provide latest news and gossips. But as a student with no source of income it's been really difficult running this blog. (You can actually advertise your business on DavidvsNaija, it's really cheap and affordable, that's because my aim is not to make money from adverts but to get enough money to keep the blog alive)

It is due to the factors stated above, which has made me no longer able to deliver what this blog promises, that led to my decision to discontinue it.

What I Now Plan to Do With DavidvsNaija

I have decided to convert DavidvsNaija to a discussion blog. A blog where national issues or hot topics are analysed. A blog where people can freely share their opinions.

Basically, i plan to convert this blog to a platform for people to share their opinions on trending, national and interesting topics.

Considering the factors that lead to the discontinuation of news and gossips, i should be able to cope with a discussion blog, which ofcourse i wouldn't be obliged to post daily.

I therefore would like to promise to do my best in creating new discussions regularly.

What I Beg of You.

You guys supported me from the very start till this moment. I would like to say a big THANK YOU for that. Without you there would be no DavidvsNaija.

I therefore want to solicit for your continuous support even as i venture into a new part.

My plan is to convert DavidvsNaija into a discussion blog and since discussion is involved, you sharing your opinion on a topic by leaving a comment after reading it is very important.

Commenting on posts will make this blog more interesting for you and i. And it would also give you a voice online.

I've decided to add incentives to encourage you guys to share your thoughts by commenting. I will be giving out free recharge card to readers who comment regularly.

When I Plan to Kick Off the Discussion Blog

I'll kick off on Tuesday, 10th of February 2015.

I'm confident i can count on you guys. Let's create a community online. Do not forget to tell your friends about DavidvsNaija.


God bless you all.

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