Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Buhari thanks Nigerians for voting him in

The All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has expressed gratitude to Nigerians for voting him and his party in for the next four years.

Buhari in an interim message contained in a statement by the Director of Media and Publicity of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation, Malam Garba Shehu, thanked Nigerians "for choosing him and his party over and above the PDP and their candidate, the incumbent President, Dr Jonathan Goodluck."

The APC statement said it "declared victory after Dr. Jonathan called General Buhari at 5.15pm to make a concession and congratulate the winner.

Shehu quoted Buhari as saying the mood of the country as well as its current state, did not warrant the type of wild celebrations reportedly going on in some cities across the country.

"Buhari said anybody happy with the victory of the APC in the presidential election will not be involved in the molestation of opponents or the destruction of their property.

"He or she is not with me, whoever does that," Buhari curtly said.

He is expected to make a major acceptance speech as soon as the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission declares the final results in which Buhari is expected to be declared winner.

President Jonathan admits defeat, congratulates Buhari on election victory

President Goodluck Jonathan has congratulated the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on his victory in the Saturday's presidential election.

Buhari leads with 2m votes, INEC postpones announcement of result

The Independent National Electoral Commission on Monday postponed the announcement for the 2015 presidential elections results.

So far results from 18 states and the Federal Capital Territory has been released by the INEC.

The All Progressives Congress candidate, Muhammadu Buhari has won 10 states while the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Goodluck Jonathan has won 9 states.

Buhari polled 8,520,436 votes in the states and the FCT while incumbent President Jonathan had 6,488,210 votes.

After reading out the results of 19 states with an interval of two recesses, Prof. Attahiru Jega announced that the election readings would be continued on Tuesday (today) by 10am.

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Irrespective of who wins the presidential election...

Monday, March 30, 2015

Irrespective of who wins the presidential election...

Irrespective of who wins the presidential election;

~ we probably still won't have 6000 megawatts of electricity by 2019.
~ there might still be at least 2 strikes before 2020.
~ garri will still never be sold at #20 per derica.
~ ponmo will still be cheaper than beef.
~ your landlord will not reduce his rent.
~ your salary will most likely remain the same for another couple of years.
~ I will still have to pay for electricity that I'll never get to use.
~ DSTV will not reduce Monthly subscription.
~ MTN will not give you FREEBIES without hidden charges.

The list is unending.. but one thing is super certain:

Irrespective of who wins.. Just give me peace... cos I need to go out on Monday to get my daily bread.


I found the above post on Facebook and decided to share it here.

Meanwhile, the Independent National Electoral Commission has said that despite the extension of Saturday's elections till Sunday in some parts of the country, the results of the presidential poll will be declared on today, Monday.

INEC Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, gave the assurance as some of results from wards, local government areas and states continued to emerge on Sunday.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Why vote Buhari instead of Jonathan? || Why vote Jonathan instead of Buhari?

One of the most anticipated presidential election in Nigeria history holds tomorrow, Saturday, March 28. Though there are many political partys contesting in the election, the quest to cling the seat of power is mainly between two political party - the Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressive Congress.

As we all know already, the PDP flag bearer is Goodluck Jonathan while the APC flag bearer is Muhammadu Buhari.

Even right from last year, many of us have tried to or have successfully convinced our family and friends on who the right candidate to vote for is. Tomorrow being the deed day, DavidvsNaija brings you a chance to convince more people, to be assured, or to be convinced on who the right candidate to vote for is.

Goodluck Jonathan vs Muhammadu Buhari who should we vote for tomorrow and why.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

President Jonathan's vision for Nigeria will melt your heart || Read and add yours

"There is not a moment that I forget where I come from, or how tough life can be for so many of us."

President Goodluck Jonathan's vision of Nigeria is one of a rosy future built on a secured environment, robust and diversified economy and well laid infrastructure to guarantee good life to all Nigerians.

The president, describing his vision of where he wants to take Nigeria to, recalled his well known humble beginnings, "When I was growing up in Otuoke, a small town in Bayelsa, as the son of a boat builder, life was hard. Of nine children to my parents, only two of us survived. But I had the chance to go to school. Many did not. I worked at my studies. God smiled on me. I am here today as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and I tell you now: there is not a moment that I forget where I come from, or how tough life can be for so many of us.

"I have no sense of entitlement. I am not from a big family. I do not come from a profession or background that believes it has some God-given right to rule. I am here because of the will of the people and I will remain here because of the will of the people. I am willing and able to serve, but I am not desperate to serve. I am living proof that Nigeria is a country that rewards hardwork, integrity and ambition. At its best, Nigeria is a country where, no matter where you come from, through honesty, hard work and by the grace of God, everything is possible."

Vision for Nigeria

"I shall win this election because Nigerians know exactly who I am, and what I stand for. I fight for what I believe in. I don't walk out of the door when the going gets tough. Nigerians know what I have delivered and I want Nigerians to know what I will deliver in the next four years. Our plan will build on the platform we have laid in the last four years, to deliver growth, prosperity, peace and justice for all. We are ready to take Nigeria to the next level.

"The future I see and work for is for a Nigeria that works for all. I see a Nigeria where mothers and children do not die due to lack of medical attention. A Nigeria where no child goes to bed hungry or is out of school because of family circumstances. In the future of Nigeria that I see, the young andthe youths will receive quality and sound education that provides them access to job opportunities and a higher standard of living. A Nigeria where the elderly have access to the medical care they require and life expectancy is significantly higher than it is today.

"A country where the old people realise the benefit of their work and the disabled are not left behind. Nigeria will be a country of equal opportunities where every child is able to attain his or her full God given potential. Indeed, my dream is that someday, a product of the Almajiri Schools becomes the President of this great country. It will be a Nigeria where justice is not measured in any currency but available even to the most vulnerable in our society. My vision is that of a Nigeria that works for all, and not just a few."

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Describe your vision of a better Nigeria.

INFO: There won’t be vehicular movement in all parts of Nigeria on Saturday

No vehicular movement

There won't be vehicular movement in all parts of Nigeria on election day, Saturday, March 28 between 8am and 5pm as the Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, has ordered the restriction.

The police chief's order is part of efforts to ensure adequate security in the forthcoming general elections across all the country.

Travellers who intend to use roads at these times are adviced to reschedule their trips.

The same restriction will come into play during the governorship and senatorial elections billed for 11th of April.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

We have ruled Nigeria well for 15 years - PDP || Do you agree?

The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Adamu Mu'azu, in a statement yesterday claimed that the party has ruled Nigeria well for the last 15years, boasting that he is confident that the party will win the March 28 presidential elections by a very wide margin.

"Our major concern in the Peoples Democratic Party is not to allow the country to be hijacked by desperadoes masquerading as purveyors of good governance, who promise heaven and earth to the people without any intention of fulfilling their election promises in the name of change.

"While I do not see a landslide victory coming, I am convinced that our party will perform creditably in the Southwest and the North of Nigeria and elsewhere in all the elections this year because the evidence is clear that despite our travails at the beginning, we have done very well over the past fifteen years of our nascent democracy since 1999 to record victory. Those who disbelieve our resilience will be surprised for victory is ours."

*Clears throat* Epileptic power supply, decaying universites, insecurity, unemployment... and still Mr. Mu'azu has the mouth to say PDP has ruled well in the last 15years LMAO what a clown!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Is that money or what? See alleged photo of FCT minister, Bala Muhammad's son lying down on money

The above photo is alleged to be a photo of the FCT minister, Bala Muhammad's son lying down on money.

This photo and more was shared on Facebook to show the alleged lavish life Bala Muhammad Jr. lives.

See more photos below...

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President Jonathan's vision for Nigeria will melt your heart || Read and add yours

"President Jonathan’s regime is the most corrupt in Nigeria's history" | Who agrees?

Friday, March 13, 2015

"President Jonathan’s regime is the most corrupt in Nigeria's history" | Who agrees?

The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation has described the President Goodluck Jonathan administration as the most reckless and corrupt in the nation's history.

The Director of Media and Publicity of the APCPCO, Mallam Garba Shehu, said this at a press conference on Thursday in Abuja.

He explained that since President Jonathan took over power over four years ago, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had not recorded a single high profile conviction.

This, he said, was in stark contrast to the EFCC's past record, where former governors and other senior public officials accused of defrauding the Nigerian people were tried and prosecuted.

"Thus, we can safely say that President Jonathan has muzzled the EFCC. He has turned one of our country's most respected and revered institutions into a toothless bulldog without even as much as a bark.

"It is startling to see the dexterity with which the President sacked the former chairman of the SURE-P scheme owing to his pronouncement on the desirability of change. Meanwhile, ministers and other senior members of his government who have heavy allegations of corruption hanging on their necks still comfortably retain their positions.

"Not only has he bound the EFCC from doing its job, Mr. Jonathan has also reversed some previous achievements of the commission by granting state pardon to erstwhile government officials whom it had uncovered as guilty of corruption.

"To make matters worse, at present the EFCC itself is in a turmoil… The commission's members of staff are also being owed salaries and entitlements, having not been paid for three months." Shehu said.

Do you agree that President Jonathan's administration is the most corrupt in Nigeria's history?

Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Buhari’s wife is not a political tout like President Jonathan's wife"

The wife of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Maj.- Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), will not join the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, to play political thuggery because she is not a tout, the Director, Media and Information Technology, Buhari Campaign Organisation, Dr. Chidia Maduekwe, has said.

Patience had recently said Buhari is too old to rule, noting that old people might not reason very well because of their ageing mind.

Maduekwe, reacting to a report that Mrs. Jonathan said Buhari might be brain dead, in an interview with Saturday PUNCH in Abuja, said, "You should know it is beneath the person of our respected General's wife to join issues with Dame Patience Jonathan.

"Mrs. Jonathan has clearly shown that she lacks the discipline and composure required of the occupant of the office of the First Lady. It is neither the General's style nor is his Madam's style to join Mrs. Jonathan to play the role of political tout.

"Mrs. Buhari is too refined and well groomed to descend to the level of insulting someone else's husband in the name of politics.

"There is this adage which says you don't run after a mad person who took your cloth while you were taking your bath because those who see you running after the mad person may not distinguish between the mad person and you."

Do you think Patience Jonathan lacks the discipline and composure required of the occupant of the office of the First Lady?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Buhari is too old to rule - Patience Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan's wife, Patience has urged Nigerians not to vote for the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), because he is too old and therefore unfit to rule.

The President's wife, who spoke in Lokoja, the Kogi State capital during the Peoples Democratic Party's women campaign rally on
Tuesday, added that old people might not reason very well because of their ageing mind.

She said, "Vote for my husband, Jonathan. Do not vote for Buhari. He is an old man. People when they become old may not reason well and their brain may even be dead."

Buhari, a former Head of State of Nigeria is 72 years old.

Do you agree with her?
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

No political party can beat PDP - President Jonathan boasts

President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday boasted that no political party can beat the Peoples Democratic Party.

The President who spoke during the unveiling of the PDP Ward Volunteer Scheme held inside the Presidential Villa, Abuja, spoke just as the Director-General of his campaign organisation, Senator Ahmadu Ali, said some foreign countries were opposed to Jonathan's re-election bid because he signed the Anti Same-Sex Bill into law.

"I am convinced that up to this time, there is no party that can beat the PDP. All we need is unity. There is no party that is formidable like the PDP," the President told the gathering that consisted of all the PDP candidates from the state Houses of Assembly to the National Assembly.

Jonathan said the PDP was not just the largest party in the country but also the only party that had members in all voting units across the country.

He said even if 10 political parties come together, they could not reach the PDP's level.

While saying that the PDP had done well over time, Jonathan challenged the opposition to match the party on performances of their governors state-by-state.

For instance, Jonathan said only state governments under the leadership of the PDP had been able to provide functional airports in their state capitals.

He also said the number of state universities established by the PDP states were more than those of the opposition.

He however regretted that despite the performance of the PDP, the opposition also intimidated the PDP members even in their (PDP) states.

Jonathan said the party would not allow the opposition to win at the national level.

He said, "They (the opposition) intimidate us to the extent that they intimidate us even in states where we have PDP governors.

"We will not allow those who are not up to us in terms of performance to continue to intimidate us.

"At the national level, we cannot compare our standards with theirs, because they have not had the experience and we will not give them the opportunity because I know they will not do well."

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

What happened to Davido and Tiwa Savage in Kiss Daniel's Woju remix?

Woju Remix

Finally, Kiss Daniel has dropped the remix of his monster hit - Woju, featuring HKN Gang Davido and Mavin's first lady Tiwa Savage.

No doubt, Woju remix is arguably the most anticipated remix of the year but i can't help but tag it the most disappointing remix of the year, thanks to Davido and Tiwa Savage.

What happened to Davido and Tiwa Savage? Why did they refuse to Woju o?

Tiwa Savage started her part well and moved to something i can't describe. "Oh rihanna, getting money like rihanna bla bla bla" It just didn't fit the "Woju style". She later switched to the "Woju style" at the end and i must admit it was dope. She should have sang like that all through.

Davido on the other hand, i couldn't even make out what he was saying from the beginning. I mean, BRO SPEAK CLEARLY!! Although i liked his ending using the "Woju style" - "She looki my neck and say odi kwa bright". He should have also sang like that all through.

I still prefer Woju by Kiss Daniel to Woju remix featuring Davido and Tiwa Savage.

Davido and Tiwa Savage just didn't nail Kiss Daniel's Woju remix for me.

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Which do you prefer? Woju or Woju remix?

Most pentecostal pastors are scammers | Don't become a spiritual slave to a scam artiste

Charly Boy

Written by music veteran Charles 'Charly Boy' Oputa

I think that most unstable people are attracted to Pentecostalism because of its irrationality and it condones insane and inappropriate behavior such as screaming, shouting, running, wailing, hopping, and other such things where very troubled people could fit right in and indulge their theatrics for attention. Yes o.

I think a large proportion of Pentecostal pastors are scammers, some mentally/emotionally unstable, many of them half educated because there is no requirement for rigorous scholarship to become a Pentecostal pastor. I understand that the level of education one has is not a determinant of mental/ emotional stability, and that intelligent people can also be unstable; I am just speaking in general terms and trends.

Don't become a spiritual slave to a scam artiste. All the pastors use bible and their life experience as modem for everybody. An alarming trend is the high level of demand for money in place of grace and salvation for eternal life in heaven: everything is for here and now, so that the more money you give to God through his agent the better off you are and the closer to God you will be. There also seems to be a lot of idolatry and mental enslavement in this movement and it's ripe for dissing by people who are true Christians.