Friday, April 3, 2015

Revealed: What President Jonathan told Buhari on phone when he called to congratulate him

President Goodluck Jonathan on March 31 reportedly called Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) to congratulate him on his victory in presidential poll, hours before the official declaration of the results by the Independent National Electoral Commission that Buhari had won the March 28 presidential poll.

A recording of the telephone call has hit the internet!

The audio of the conversation credited to one @EveryNigerian was titled, "Historic congratulatory call from President Goodluck Jonathan to President-elect Muhammadu Buhari on March 31, 2015."

According to the audio, the following conversation ensued between Jonathan and Buhari:

Jonathan's aide: Your Excellency, Sir.
Buhari's aide: Good evening.
Jonathan's aide: Hope I'm speaking with General Buhari, sir.
Buhari's aide: Yes.
Jonathan's aide: Ok, President Goodluck Jonathan will like to speak with you, sir.
Buhari's aide: Ok, ok, I'm connecting you, sir.
Jonathan: Your Excellency.
Buhari's aide: Hold on …I'll connect you, sir.

The phone rings for a moment.

Jonathan: Your Excellency.
Buhari's aide: Hold on, sir.
Buhari: Your Excellency.
Jonathan: Your Excellency, how are you?
Buhari: I'm alright, thank you very much, Your Excellency.
Jonathan: (laughs) Congratulations.
Buhari: Thank you very much, your Excellency (laughs).
Jonathan: Yeah, so how are things?
Buhari: (laughs) Well…
Jonathan: So, you'd find time to come one of these days so that we can sort out how to plan the transition period.
Buhari: Thank you very much, your Excellency.
Jonathan: Congratulations.
Buhari: Thank you.
Jonathan: Ok.
Buhari: My respect, Your Excellency.

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