Saturday, October 3, 2015

A deaf and dumb is my ideal woman - Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jagz says his ideal woman would be one that is deaf and dumb. The singer who is currently not in a relationship because he is in love with his music told Saturday beats:

He said, "I am so much in love with my music that I am not in a relationship. I would not lie now, my ideal woman would be one that is deaf and dumb. What I mean by that is that I don't like a nagging woman. Seun Kuti told me something; he said that a big part of marriage is about commitment and submission. Women are getting educated and exposed but they need to remember that a man is a man while a woman is a woman. A cat cannot be a dog and a dog cannot be a cat. That is just how life is. My woman must be beautiful and confident. She should be hardworking and have aspirations. She should be able to inspire me. So far, I have not met the person yet. It does not mean that if I find the lady today, I am ready to settle down. With entertainment, matters like relationships and marriage are very dicey."

Source: Punch

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