Saturday, June 15, 2013

Britain may suspend aid to Nigeria over same sex marriage bill

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on Friday said his government might consider cutting off aid to Nigeria over same sex marriage bill passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday.

He spoke on a British Broadcasting Corporation programme monitored in Lagos, reacting to a question by a Nigerian resident in London,

He said "When we meet with Nigerian politicians and leaders, we will be clear about those things we agreed on. We have to be clear where we disagree. We will make clear where we stand on those issues."

When asked whether Britain would consider stopping a projected 50 per cent increase in aid to Nigeria or cutting it outright, Cameron said,

"Nothing is off the table. We need to have these conversations. We also have some very important objectives with Nigerians, for instance on how to deal with the appalling rates of poverty in Northern Nigeria, which are part of the problems confronting the country."

Cameron had in October 2011 threatened to cut off aid to countries which ban gay and lesbians.

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