Sunday, June 30, 2013

Photos: Popular Blogger Linda Ikeji Accused of Fradulent activities

This was reported by Hoe Nejeeb Bello, CEO of Bar Baric Media take time to read below;

As a Social Media Marketer, I come across several clients who need to get Nigerian blogs, and news sites to review their products and services, which I never hesitate to direct them to eiher Nairaland or Bella Naija as the most effective websites for getting the highest click-through rates, and most honest comments.

Some clients prefer to get on gossip sites like or Linda Ikeji Blog despite my reservations and reasons. Naij was recently made themselves popular for using Russian hackers to redirect Etisalat subscribers to their homepage at some point, and Linda Ikeji is known amongst bloggers for her horde of hired hands, using multiple identities, and devices to post dozens of comments and spark irrelevant arguments, not forgetting her vicious fabrications euphemised as idle gossip.

A Port Harcourt based artiste, M-Kaze, recently consulted with Bar Baric Entertainment for promotional services, for which among several bloggers and micro-bloggers, his label chose Linda Ikeji.

All the bloggers sent invoices and were pre-paid. By 9:41am on the next day, Tuesday, 18th June, 2013, Linda Ikeji was paid N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) in line with her quotation, which indicated that the AD would be posted in 48 hours.

Aside from the fact that Linda Ikeji Blog could not accept a brieffrom which they were supposed to write their own unique story, but requested a full pre-written press release, things really started getting awry when by Thursday evening, the client called to complain that their AD had not been posted.

All avenues were employed in getting in touch with Linda Ikeji, and her staff, yet to no avail. Eventually, she was sighted on Twitter tweeting links from her blog, and a tweet was sent to herdemanding the AD be set up immediately. Instantly, we received a call promising that the press release on M-Kaze would be posted "first thing tomorrow morning" (Friday).On Saturday, at noon, another callwas placed to the Linda Ikeji team, after the advertorial had not showed up the entire morning. They claimed they were having difficulties posting the link to M-Kaze's video. Knowing quite well that the same link had been posted by more than 15 other blogs, yet eager to avoid debates which would further delay the promotion, the root URL to the video was provided within the hour. Still, same link was still being requested over, and over again, via various channels, till 5pm on Sunday. At that point, we had to specifically request that the AD was not posted on a Sunday, since Sundays had the least internet activity. They agreed, claiming we'd see our advert on Monday.

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