Monday, August 19, 2013

I have faced one of my greatest fear which was speaking out what i went through in my failed marriage - Chika Ike

Few weeks ago Nollywood Actress, Chika Ike opened up that she was a victim of domestic violence in her failed marriage, and how she was physically abused by the man she called her husband (Read Here!. Below is a thank you message from Chika Ike to all her fans for supporting through out that period.

"I just want to express my deep sense of gratitude for the support given to me during this emotional period. There are times in one's life when you find yourself in a helpless situation, and it is then that this support makes a major difference and appears as a ray of light in a dark tunnel. From a grateful heart I am really humbled by this support and love

Over the years u have been indulgent and you have had so much believe in me, where you could have been a mute spectator or doubtful, you have rather been continuously supportive, showing me love, care and making sure that I achieve success in my chosen career in life with all your encouragements, this means a great deal to me and I look forward to your continued support.

It was very emotional talking about what I went through in my marriage. But am happy I spoke up and I feel a lot better now that I have faced one of my greatest fear which was speaking out about my ordeal. Thanks once again. Love you."


  1. It was good u did wat u had to do

  2. Don't worry ur ass out, u will find love again at d ryt tym


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