Friday, August 15, 2014

Ebola: Nigeria approves the use of new Ebola drug "Nanosilver" to treat patients

The federal government said it was treating eight confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease patients with an experimental drug known as Nanosilver, which it said was declared fit for use by Nigerian scientists.

At a press briefing which had in attendance, the ministers of Information, Interior and Environment and Women Affairs, the Minister of Health, Prof Onyebuchi Chukwu, said the drug was confirmed fit for use and provided by Nigerian scientists for the treatment of the Ebola virus disease patients in Lagos.

The Minister of Health, said that they "will follow all the medical research ethics code of Nigeria in administering the drug which includes the patient's consent."

Chukwu also used the opportunity to clarify media reports that 21 persons had been quarantined in Enugu, saying that "only six persons are quarantined in Enugu. Some people assume that merely seeing the lady from a distance will make them to contact the virus, that's not true."

He said that the Enugu Ebola case was as a result of one of the nurses who made primary contact with the Liberian man, Mr. Patrick Sawyer, who though quarantined, travelled against the advice of the Incidence Management Committee to Enugu.

"The newly married woman went to visit her husband in Enugu. She did not infect anybody on her way to Enugu as she had not developed any symptoms. You cannot transmit Ebola if you don't have the symptoms," he said.

According the minister, the nurse and her husband were carried back to Lagos on special ambulances while insisting that nobody has Ebola in Enugu for now.

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