Sunday, September 21, 2014

President Goodluck Jonathan is clueless - DavidvsNaija readers, Do you agree with them?


"Only a man with his brain filled will shit will say yes to a president who his absolutely clueless, a rogue and has brought shame to Nigeria." an Anonymous DavidvsNaija reader commented on "Thinking Out Loud: Does President Goodluck Jonathan truly deserve a 2nd term".

"Well said, my country is unfortunate to have a clueless man as president! please dont size Nigeria with the eyes of GEJ. Nigeria is a blessed country. GEJ was rigged on us by PDP rigging machine." an Anonymous DavidvsNaija reader commented on "I rather commit suicide than accept foreign help - Uganda's president mocks president Jonathan".

After reading these comments i decided to make it a blog post, More like a debate. I want you guys to share your thoughts.

Is president Goodluck Jonathan clueless?

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